Book: The PTSD Sourcebook

The Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder Sourcebook
A Guide to Healing, Recovery, and Growth

Written by Glenn R. Schiraldi, Ph.D


Part 1: About PTSD

Chapter 1: PTSD Basics
Chapter 2: Making Sense of the Bewildering Symptoms: Understanding Anxiety
—–and Dissociation
Chapter 3: Associated Features
Chapter 4: Frequently Asked Questions

Part 2: About Healing, Recovery, Growth

Chapter 5: Principles of Healing, Recovery, and Growth
Chapter 6: Treatment Approaches: Professional, Medication, Group, and

Part 3: Preparations

Chapter 7: Stabilization and Balance
Chapter 8: Taking Care of Your Health

Part 4: Managing Symptoms

Chapter 9: Affect Management
Chapter 10: Reducing General Arousal
Chapter 11: Breathing Retraining
Chapter 12: About Relaxation
Chapter 13: Progressive Muscle Relaxation
Chapter 14: Autogenic Training
Chapter 15: Meditation
Chapter 16: Managing Anger
Chapter 17: Eye Movement
Chapter 18: Intrusion Management

Part 5: Treatment

Chapter 19: Principles of Memory Work
Chapter 20: Cognitive Restructuring
Chapter 21: Confiding Concealed Wounds
Chapter 22: Resolving Guilt
Chapter 23: Thought Field Therapy
Chapter 24: The Rewind Technique
Chapter 25: Traumatic Incident Reduction (TIR)
Chapter 26: Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR)
Chapter 27: The Counting Method
Chapter 28: Dream Management and Processing
Chapter 29: Healing Imagery
Chapter 30: Healing Rituals
Chapter 31: Grieving Losses
Chapter 32: Making Sense of Trauma: Coming to Terms with Suffering
Chapter 33: Hypnosis
Chapter 34: Expressive Art Therapies
Chapter 35: Life Review
Chapter 36: Building Self-Esteem
Chapter 37: Unfinished Business: Resolving Anger
Chapter 38: Prolonged Exposure
Chapter 39: Complementary Approaches

Part 6: Moving On

Chapter 40: Transitioning
Chapter 41: Intimacy and Sexuality
Chapter 42: Meaning and Purpose
Chapter 43: Spiritual and Religious Growth
Chapter 44: Happiness, Pleasure, and Humor
Chapter 45: Relapse Prevention
Chapter 46: Summing Up


Appendix 1: The History of PTSD
Appendix 2: Assessing Abuse
Appendix 3: The Brain and Memory
Appendix 4: Psychiatric Disorders
Appendix 5: 72-Hour Emergency Preparedness
Appendix 6: Time Management
Appendix 7: Rape and Sexual Assault Facts and Myths
Appendix 8: Medication Facts and Guidelines
Appendix 9: Victim, Survivor, Thriver
Appendix 10: Resources

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