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(957) Those with whom I share space

Post #957
[Private journal entry written on Monday, September 10, 2012]

First, an update on the ant situation . . .

Within a few days of putting down ant traps, the ant superhighway tapered off to nothing. They are gone.

Yippee!! No more ants crawling on me while I’m trying to sleep!

I guess that means poison trumps cinnamon.


On Friday, Melodie called me and told me she had been diagnosed with shingles and that she was in a lot of pain. She said she begin feeling the first symptoms on the drive home from Red Cloud. Then, the next morning, she woke up with a major rash, a few blisters and major pain. She immediately went to the doctor, but even with the meds the doctor gave her, it still got pretty bad before it got better. However, the symptoms and pain were starting to quiet down and she was feeling better on the day she called me.


Photo by Martin Chen

Her main concern was that she had exposed me to the shingles virus. I guess she did, but I had chicken pox as a kid so I already have an immunity to it. So, no big deal.

Although I didn’t say anything to her, the thought did cross my mind that her getting sick might have something to do with whatever is going on with my leg. I don’t know what is going on with my leg . . . it started as a rash . . . but, I never had the pain that would be present with shingles.

After we hung up, I searched on the internet to see if the two issues might be related, but I couldn’t find anything that would suggest that. And, I had been super careful about keeping my wound covered, about managing my used bandages and about washing my hands. I was sure I hadn’t exposed her to whatever is going on with my leg. So, I decided to not worry about it further.

Speaking of my leg . . .

While I was in Nebraska, the rash got much worse. I’m assuming it was because of the ever-present heat while we were there. The day after I returned home (Tuesday), it was better. Then, on Wednesday and Thursday, it got bad again. Then, Friday it was better . . .

I had decided that, if it wasn’t remarkably better by today (Monday), I was going to go to the doctor. However, over the weekend, it healed up almost completely. So, again, I’m not going to worry about it. I’ll just give it time to finish healing on its own.


On Saturday, I spent the afternoon and into the evening at my mom’s house. We were working on getting all caught up on Quickbooks data entry for my business. She fixed supper for me, so we got to visit about non-Quickbooks stuff as we were eating . . .

She brought up the topic of her plans for living arrangements as she gets closer to the end of her life . . .

She showed me some information about her investments and what she can afford to do and not do. And, she showed me the legal documents concerning power of attorney and management of her estate once she is no longer able to manage her own estate.

I mentioned to her that I have been loosely planning to live with her – at some point – and care for her as she gets older. I think it might allow her to stay in her own home longer.

I didn’t say this to her, but I’m concerned about how I would be able to teach piano lessons in my little town while caring for her in her town, with the two towns being a 30-minute drive apart . . . I guess maybe we could have nursing care while I’m at work and then I can care for her at night . . . I guess we’ll cross that bridge when we get there . . . so many things could happen between now and then that it is hard to know how to plan . . .

At any rate, she said she thought the two of us living together would be a good arrangement, if I really were open to it . . . I assured her I am.

I’m glad we had that conversation . . . she has been acting like she wanted to talk about these matters with me. I’m glad she finally did.



  1. Very glad you got to talk about this stuff.

    • Me, too . . . I’m glad my mom is ready to talk about it, it will make her last years easier for all of us.

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