Posted by: Marie | February 22, 2014

(924) I’ll be back . . .

Post #924


Hi, Everyone –

I just wanted to post a little message to anyone who was wondering why I’m not posting to my blog right now . . .

My life has taken some really cool turns and I’m in the middle of a big project that will likely keep me very busy through the end of March (2014) . . . after that, I’m hoping/planning to get back to posting my journal entries because I miss doing it and I really miss interacting with my friends in the blogosphere! I’m still creating journal entries, I just haven’t had the time to post them . . .

Until then . . . I wish you all the best . . .

– Marie

P.S. I don’t want to spoil any surprises in my storyline, but I’ll give you a hint . . . my project involves a lot of math . . . LOL.


March 10 update: The project deadline got moved out to the middle of April . . .

March 13 update: Well, the project deadline got moved out to the end of April. So, my production schedule is now a tad more relaxed. I have a certain amount of stuff I have to get done each day. If I get it done and if I have time left over at the end of the day, I’ll reward myself by working on my blog. So, while I won’t be posting regularly, I’m hoping to get a post published every now and then!

April 25 update: The project deadline is now at May 18 . . . but I’m behind on my schedule (it’s a lot more work than I anticipated), so no time for blogging yet . . . soon, though . . . soon . . .

May 18 update: I finished the project! I’ll be publishing new posts this week! Yippee!!

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  1. We’ll be here to welcome you back

    • I really appreciate your continued support, Evan!

  2. I’m pretty much dying to know what’s going on!

    • Have I kept everyone in suspense long enough, LOL?

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