Posted by: Marie | October 19, 2013

(880) Passive vs. active participation

Post #880
[Private journal entry written on Tuesday, June 26, 2012]

Well, the High Park fire has been pretty much contained, at least in the populated areas. That’s good news.

The bad news is that there are wildfires all up and down the front range. The Waldo Canyon fire in southern Colorado started a few days ago and it is very large, also. Today, it moved into a densely populated area and is now burning blocks and blocks of tightly packed residential areas . . . the news is showing street after street of large homes burned to the ground.

That means the many of the fire fighting airplanes and crews have been moved from the High Park fire to the Waldo Canyon fire . . . rightly so . . . but that means the High Park fire has greater opportunity to flare up again . . .

I wonder if does any good to pray about the outcome of things like this . . . ? Maybe so if one could know what to pray for . . .


I sent a second email to Edward today . . . an addendum to the one I sent two days ago:

Hey, Edward

And here is one more bullet point . . .


Photo by Martin Chen

6) The fear of all the aforementioned stuff is increased when I consider being the active party instead of the passive party. For example, if you and I were preparing to sit in close proximity, it is scarier to think of me moving closer to you rather than sitting still and waiting for you to move towards me. If I’m the passive party, then I only have to worry about getting through with the least amount of pain . . . just surviving it . . . doing the best I can. If I’m the active party, then I’m asking for anything that might happen . . . I deserve any bad thing I get and the bad stuff is all my fault . . . I have no room to complain about how things work out.

Okay . . . that’s all for now . . . thanks!

– Marie

And he promptly responded:

Dear Marie,

Thank you for your courage in sharing.

I’m touched by your trust in me, and by your bravery in facing these difficult issues.

I look forward to supporting you with gentleness and care.



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