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(871) Aching to help

Post #871
[Private journal entry written on Monday, June 18, 2012]

I am having a hard time keeping up with teaching and with doing all the admin stuff related to having my own business . . . the one thing that is consistently falling behind is my bookkeeping . . .

I keep a running record of when students come to lessons, the fees that are charged for those lessons, and payments that each client makes. I can draw statistics from those figures that help me better plan how many students I need to maintain in order to pay all the bills . . . as well as how much revenue – and profit – I’m earning with every hour I work. I can predict seasonal trends and can better balance my annual budget.

I calculate all of that with a collection of spreadsheets I’ve designed. The bad news is that the data is not in Quikbooks, which is the format my CPA needs. Quickbooks cannot track the data I need tracked in the format I need it tracked. So, I have to take a summary of the data I enter into the spreadsheets and enter the summarized data into Quickbooks. This latter step is what I’ve fallen so far behind on . . . and I’ve been trying to come up with a way to afford to have someone else do that piece for me . . .

I was talking to my mom about this yesterday on our trip into the mountains. She volunteered to do that step for me . . . for no charge. She has been a bookkeeper for as long as I remember, so I know she knows how to do it. She said she is happy to do it because I do stuff for her all the time (house maintenance, driving her long distances, etc.) She said she had volunteered at a pregnancy crisis center but that they don’t need her as much as she would like to be needed . . . so, she felt this would be her way of volunteering . . . and she just retired in March (after her 80th birthday) and is feeling rather bored and restless and would enjoy the mental stimulation . . .

So . . . I gladly have taken her up on her offer. What a blessing!



Last year, my cat’s ear muffs (the “Bozo the Clown” tuffs of hair that grow behind his ears and create a fan-shape sticking out sideways from the side of his head) fell out in the spring and they didn’t start filling in again until Christmas. I’m noticing that he didn’t lose them this year . . .

I assumed he lost them due to summer shedding, but since he hasn’t lost them this year, maybe they fell out because he was so sick last year . . . or, maybe he is maturing and is getting hairier with age (he is almost three years old now).

Who knows . . .



This past weekend, I updated my budget and recommitted to following it . . .

As a result of attempting to stick to a budget, I’m learning I use the act of buying ice cream as part of the numbing method (in addition to the eating of it) . . . part of the distraction factor is the act of going to the store and purchasing the ice cream.

So, because I have the budget in front of me, I’m finding it easier to not spend my “food” money for ice cream, which means I don’t have any ice cream in the house to eat, and I’m doing okay with that . . . same is true for fast food . . . in fact, I’ve been eating mostly fruits, veggies, yogurt, etc.

I hope this is a trend that sticks!


I got an email today from Renee’s step-mom:

I’m sorry to do this, but Renee won’t be able to be at her lesson this week. She has lost her power cord for her keyboard and hasn’t practiced at all in almost two weeks. Adam and I are hoping that not allowing her to continue until she shows some effort towards practice will help express how important it is. If you have any questions, please feel free to call me. My cell is XXX-XXX-XXXX.


I responded with:

Hi, April –

I agree with your approach! She has enough knowledge to practice some – maybe not effectively, but she should be able to at least make the effort. Let me know what I can do to express my support.

– Marie

I really want Renee to grab a hold of playing the piano and make it into something she can excel in and express herself through . . . I want playing the piano to be something that brings her pride and self-worth . . . I want that for her so much it actually causes my heart to ache . . .

I don’t know to how to help out in this situation . . . I think I’m doing all I can do . . . her parents need to find a way to motivate her . . . what they have been doing has not been working, obviously, so I hope they find a better way . . .

And, she has to dig in and do the work . . . the adults in her life can support her, but she has to do the work . . . so far, I haven’t seen much evidence that she is willing to do that . . .

I’m not sure how best to help out in this situation . . .

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  1. Having someone else doing the bookkeeping sounds marvellous.

    • It has been a godsend!!

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