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(869) Behold, Lazarus

Post #869
[Private journal entry written on Saturday, June 16, 2012]

Oh, neat! I just got a call from Fianna . . .

It turns out that the property she saw in the news footage on Wednesday was NOT her house . . .


Photo by Martin Chen

Her neighbor is a fire fighter (maybe retired?) and he did not evacuate. He stayed at his property and kept the roofs wet using water from the livestock tanks and wells, and he knocked down any sparks that did make it onto his property . . . and, he did the same for Fianna’s property, as well.

He just now came down the mountain . . . he had not had the ability to communicate with anyone in town, so no one knew the status of his safety or of the property. Once he came into town, he was able to call Fianna and let her know that her property is fine along with the other house or two in their cluster of homes. Apparently, the horseshoe-shaped unburned area kept its shape due to his efforts!

Fianna is ecstatic! For the last four days, she has been grieving the loss of her beautiful home . . . and now she knows it was not lost. What a dramatic shift in emotions for her, I’m sure!

That’s awesome!

Of course, I sent off an email to Luke and company:

Hi, Luke/Camilla –

I just got a call from Fianna . . . she found out 30+ minutes ago that her house survived the fire. The information she had gotten earlier this week was inaccurate. Her neighbor (who lives across the road from her) is a fire fighter and he stayed in his house for five days/nights and saved the handful of homes in his cluster – one of which was hers. She talked to him directly this afternoon, so she knows for sure that her house is okay.

Please make sure that the folks who are in Ireland know . . . they left thinking she had lost her house . . . thank you!

– Marie


James is scheduled for a lesson this coming Saturday (a week from now). However, he called today to tell me that he would not be able to do it because he has been working non-stop dealing with the fire. He has not had a chance to practice, and if he does get any free time, he is going to spend it with his family rather than me . . . no offense intended towards me of course, LOL. He has plans for next weekend to go with his daughter on a father-daughter outing with a few other dads and daughters; they have been planning the trip for a couple of months . . . I hope they get to go . . . that is so important.

He told me that he had helped out with the evacuations those first couple of days of the fire . . . and that, at one point, he had gotten trapped by the fire on a narrow, windy mountain road . . . he had to back down the road at pretty high speed because there was no place to turn around and the fire was chasing him down the mountain . . . he said it was pretty scary because it was smoky and it was very difficult to see where he was going . . . there are no guardrails up there, just sheer drop-offs . . . he did admit to hitting a small boulder while backing down the road, which put a decent-sized ding in the back bumper of his emergency vehicle . . . but, he said, given the circumstances, his supervisors were not upset with him, LOL.

Phew . . . I’m so grateful for the emergency services people who put their lives at risk for the rest of us . . . I thanked him for doing what he does . . .

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