Posted by: Marie | September 30, 2013

(866) Disingenuous concern

Post #866
[Private journal entry written on Monday, June 11, 2012]

I received an email from Edward today in response to my email I sent a few days ago about Renee:

Dear Marie,

What a beautiful, touching story.

Sounds like you’re deeply impacting some lives in a very loving way.




I responded back with:

Thank you for taking the time to read it!


I’ve been thinking a lot about Fianna since yesterday . . . so, I pulled her address from my networking box and then looked up her address on Google Maps and compared that to the most recent version of the fire line map published by the sheriff’s office . . .


Photo by Martin Chen

The fire line has created a horseshoe-shaped unburned area on her road, and her house (at least from what I can determine) sits right in the apex of the inside of the horseshoe . . . it looks like the fire is sitting on the property next to hers but has not taken her property yet. I wonder where it will go next . . . it doesn’t look good as the fire is still growing and moving very rapidly . . . it wouldn’t take much for the horseshoe-shape to fill in and take her property . . .

I wonder about her and her husband . . . and their horses . . . and her harps . . . her beautiful house that I’ve not had a chance to see yet . . .

I called and left a message on her cell phone, saying: “My thoughts are with you . . . you don’t need to worry about calling me back since I’m sure you have many other things to worry about. I just wanted to let you know that I’m thinking about you.”

Then, I had a brainstorm . . . I hesitated . . . would it be crass of me to use my concern for Fianna as an excuse to make contact with Luke . . . ?? I don’t know if Luke is aware that Fianna is being impacted by the fire . . . hmmmmm . . . he might be too busy to follow the story closely as he is leaving on his big trip to Ireland this week . . .

So . . . crass or not, I shot off an email to Luke:

Hi, Luke –

This is Marie Smith, the piano teacher from [my town] . . .

I trust you are doing well with all your summer adventures . . . I noted that you are heading to Ireland this week! How fun! I know it will be a blast!

Anyway, I just wanted to make sure you are aware that Fianna’s home is involved in the big High Park fire . . . I’ve put a call in to her to check on her, but I don’t have any news yet. I keep wondering how she is doing . . .

Oh, and . . . by the way, I think I left my black folding chair at your house . . .

Okay . . . that’s all for now . . . take care!

– Marie

I included my phone number and website address in the salutation . . .

I’m betting I won’t hear from him. But, at any rate, I took that step . . . I didn’t ask him out again, but I did initiate contact with him again, just to see what he would do with it . . .

Time will tell . . .

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  1. Hope you heard back.

    • I guess you know by now that I did, LOL!

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