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(861) Sharing the wealth

Post #861
[Private journal entry written on Monday, June 4, 2012]

Over the past two days, I’ve had a brief email exchange with Edward . . .


Hi, Edward –

Quick question . . .

I know I’ve talked to you about the conscious business networking group I attend on Wednesday mornings . . .

I’ve been wanting to invite you to attend as a guest . . . and, we schedule guest “coaches” and speakers most weeks . . .


Photo by Martin Chen

The coaches spend 20 minutes working one-on-one with two people in the group (2 x 20 min = 40 min) on some particular business issue (finances, time management, etc.) . . . but there is usually an underlying psychological and/or spiritual issue that is under the surface issue, and that underlying issue is usually what the coaching session ends up being about. This coaching occurs in front of the entire group.

Guest speakers can speak on anything business related . . . including a psychological and/or spiritual topic that affects business matters.

Are you interested in any of these roles? If so, can you participate in any of the above ways, or is the fact I’m a member take away that option?

– Marie


Dear Marie,

Thanks so much for thinking of me. I appreciate the generous offer to be a part of the conscious business networking group as a guest.

I’m currently on the full side of life, with both my practice and my family, so I’ll have to decline for the moment.

But as the summer unfolds, if a more relaxed pace emerges, I’ll be sure to let you know.

I’m touched by your kindness and thoughtfulness.




You are most welcome, Edward.

I wasn’t sure if maybe a conflict of interest would exist since I’m already a member (and you are my therapist) . . . if that is not the case and if/when you calendar lightens up, I’d be delighted to have you attend as a guest (and do nothing) or see if we can get you on the calendar as a coach or speaker. The meeting runs from 8:00-9:30am and is located a couple of miles south of your office.

– Marie

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