Posted by: Marie | March 25, 2013

(813) Stoking the fire

Post #813
[Private journal entry written on Monday, March 12, 2012]

I set a target weight loss for the two weeks between March 10th and Luke’s party on the 24th . . . I want to lose 0.4 pounds each day. My starting point on March 10th was 209.1 pounds. Yesterday, I had hoped to be down to 208.7 pounds . . . I was down to 208.6 pounds! Yippee!

Then, today, I had hoped to be down to 208.3 . . . I weighed in this morning at 207.4. I’m losing weight faster than expected! How cool!

So . . . I’m feeling so stoked about all of this . . . I believe I can maintain an average weight loss of 0.7 pounds per day between now and the party, which would put my weight below 200 pounds by then . . . even at that rate, I’m ahead of schedule . . . my adjusted target for today is 1.4 pounds down; I’m already at 1.7 pounds down.

My target weight for tomorrow is 207.0 even . . . I’m so psyched!!

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