Posted by: Marie | March 15, 2013

(806) Following through

Post #806
[Private journal entry written on Saturday, March 3, 2012]

So, I had my date with Perry a couple of days ago . . .

It was . . . um . . . interesting.

I had never actually sat down with him and had a one-on-one conversation before our date. I had never sat close to him and looked in his eyes . . .

We got together at Whole Foods . . . we met and greeted each other. Then, both of us headed into the main part of the store to buy our respective lunches and subsequently got back together in the enclosed patio eating area. It took me longer to select my food because I am not familiar with the food selection in the store (we don’t have a specialty store like Whole Foods anywhere near my little town). So, he was already at the table and taking his first bites when I sat down at the table.

As soon as I sat down and looked directly in his eyes for the first time, I knew something was “off” with him. I was hit with this big block of granite in his energy – like he was hiding behind the granite and peeking out at the world through a hole – a hole that looked like a prison cell door’s cuff port, but the hole was at eyelevel. As we talked, I could feel him periodically sliding the little port door shut when he needed to step back and do a safety/comfort assessment.

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It feels like he allows only a few carefully selected parts of him to show up to the side of the granite – kind of like hands sticking out, off to the side . . . only the parts of him required to function at a minimal level in the social and professional arenas.

Anyway . . . it truly was an interesting conversation. He has had to deal with some tough stuff in his life and he has put a lot of work into his healing journey. His education and professional experience is in the field of psychology, so he spoke in those terms most of the time. Fortunately, I’ve picked up enough of that language along the way that I could follow what he was saying. He is very intelligent, which made the conversation interesting for me.

I shared some of my story with him . . . it felt to me it was safe to share my story with him. The “off” feeling I got around him had nothing to do with his trustworthiness around confidentiality . . . I knew I could trust him with my story.

Anyway, we ate our lunch; then we parted ways. And that was that.

Hmmmm . . .


I went hiking today . . . my first hike in, oh . . . I don’t remember how long. It’s probably been about two years . . . that’s a long time!

I went to a state park that is in the foothills . . . not too much of a drive . . . less than an hour each direction. And, most of the hiking trails aren’t very steep . . . and there are some very steep trails within the same park, if I care to tackle them – I have hiked them before, when I was in better shape. However, given my current physical condition, there are enough easy trails to keep me entertained and still keep my heart rate up for a good bit of time.

I had planned to go hiking on yesterday, but the weather was nasty. Today turned out to be the perfect day for a hike . . . sunny, the perfect temperature . . . of course, the trail was very muddy, but that is to be expected in March.

It felt so good to be out in nature . . . breathing in the fresh air . . . feeling my body move . . . being in tune with the earth’s heartbeat . . . I felt alive . . .

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