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(802) Responsive gentlemen

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[Private journal entry written on Wednesday, February 29, 2012 in the evening]

Shortly after sending the email to Luke this morning, I headed out to join some folks for coffee. Some people in my spiritual community get together periodically to hang out. This was one of those get-togethers.

There is a guy in the group to whom I’ve spoken a few words in passing, but I’ve not had a chance to really talk to him. I’ve gotten to know him a bit through him sharing things with the group. In fact, he shared some of his personal story with the group this morning.

I have often thought it would be neat to have a chance to get to know him better. I know he is single . . . he seems like a nice guy . . . maybe a bit on the socially awkward side . . .

I don’t feel a strong pull to connect with him on a heart level. But, on an intellectual level, I’m interested in getting to know him better. And, maybe, if I got to know him, I might be attracted to him on a spiritual/heart level.

Since I’ve recently been feeling so free to behave in ways that are unusual for me, but that feel authentic to me, I decided to do something wild and ask him out on a casual date . . .

As soon as I got back to my studio, I shot off an email to him:

Hi, Perry –

I know you were in a hurry to get on the road after the meeting this morning, so I figured I’d follow-up via email . . .

After hearing you tell a bit of your personal story this morning, I find I’m curious about your journey. It sounds like you have dealt with many issues similar to what I have addressed (and am still addressing, in some cases). I wonder if it would be helpful to both of us to sit down with a cup of coffee and find some common ground . . . ?? I know it is usually helpful to me when I can connect in that way with someone – it provides another source of support. I also think there is added value for me in hearing a guy’s perspective on this healing journey. Maybe the benefit could be mutual . . . ??

Does that pique your interest?

– Marie

He quickly responded that he is interested in getting together and he asked about my schedule. In my response, before I listed the days/times I’m available, I put this text in the email:

You know what . . . I’m still learning to express myself authentically . . . a while after sending the first email, I realized it was encumbered with some fear. For my own benefit (to practice saying what I really mean), I’d like a redo of my request, please. Here is what I really want to say:

“When you shared a bit of your personal story this morning, it resonated with me. I’d like to hear more of it. Are you interested in sharing more of it over coffee?”

There. I feel more fully expressed. Thank you for bearing with me! LOL

In his next response, he began with:

No worries. I thought you expressed yourself pretty clearly the first time….for whatever that’s worth.

We decided to get together for lunch tomorrow . . . we worked out the details . . . and that is that!

Anyway, as I was participating in that email exchange and also responding to other incoming emails, my cell phone rang . . .

It was Luke.

He said he had received both of the emails I sent just a couple of hours before . . . we laughed at my email issues . . . he said, yes, he had received the original email I sent on the 20th . . .

152)  Title Unknown

Photo by Martin Chen

He apologized for not getting back to me in a timely manner. He said he had intended to respond as soon as he compiled the information . . . but, he hadn’t gotten that done yet so he hadn’t responded yet . . .

He said he was working on some projects and his time was limited right now. But, as soon as he had some time, he would compile the information and send it to me.

I told him I had tried to match up the music in the movie with the CD so I wouldn’t have to bother him for the information, but couldn’t. He explained that the CD contained music specifically selected to compliment the book and was not the same music that was in the movie . . . which is why I couldn’t match it up.

We visited for a few minutes more . . . I read to him what my mom had said in a recent email about his book . . . I mentioned to him that I had found his dedication in the book to his girlfriend who had died to be heartwarming . . . I told him I could feel her energy as my mom and I viewed the book and the movie. He thanked me for that feedback.

Then, we wrapped up the conversation . . .

When I got home this evening, I sent this email to Luke (using my laptop, not my tablet!):

Thank you, Luke, for the personalized attention shown by your phone call today.

By the way, I’m not in a hurry for the music info . . . it’s just for my own enjoyment and edification . . . I’ll be tickled to receive it whenever it arrives.

– Marie

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