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(801) Egg on my face

Post #801
[Private journal entry written on Wednesday, February 29, 2012 in the morning]

Luke has been on my mind a lot lately. I sent him an email nine days ago:

Oh . . . Luke . . . I forgot to ask . . .

Do you happen to have the title and artist info for the music score you included with the book? I did make a brief attempt at matching the music up with the music listed in the “meditation” feature on the DVD, but the quantity of songs were not the same . . . and the music I heard in the main feature of the DVD didn’t sound much like what I heard on the CD . . . I figured it might be easier to just ask you . . .

By the way, I found myself wondering how in the world you went about selecting the music . . . ?? There is so much awesome music from all those different cultures!

Thank you!

– Marie

Well, I haven’t heard back from him.

Day after day, I kept doing the “What would a reasonable person do?” routine in my mind. Today’s version sounded like this:

If I send a reminder email, am I behaving desperately? I don’t think so . . . I mean, it has been nine days!

In fact, wouldn’t a reasonable person who also has strong self-esteem be moderately bothered by being ignored for that long? Would such a person think her communication deserves to be acknowledged and responded to?

What would happen if I took on that mind set? What if I presented myself to Luke as someone who deserves and expects to be seen and heard and acknowledged . . . like a “fake it until I make it” method?

I think I’ll try it! I have nothing to lose!

Now, I very recently acquired an Android tablet that I can keep in my purse/bag for the times I don’t have my laptop with me. I can keep the student account files synchronized on the two machines, and I can keep teaching files on it . . . when I’m away from the studio, I can pull out the tablet and take care of business.

My laptop is so old that the battery no longer holds a charge, so I always have to plug it into an outlet to use it . . . and the laptop is heavy . . . to carry it around requires I carry a separate case . . . it’s almost like carrying a suitcase with me. It takes time to unpack laptop, set it up, then tear it down and pack it up again . . . I really needed something lightweight to carry around. So, I purchased a tablet.

Also, if I don’t feel like dragging my laptop home at night, I can use my tablet to check my email from home . . . or visa versa. And that’s the situation that was in place this morning . . . my laptop was at the studio and I was checking my email from home with the tablet . . .

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Photo by Martin Chen

I saw that Luke still had not yet responded. So, I decided to send him a quick reminder email . . .

I went into my “sent” folder and scrolled down to the email I had sent on the 20th of February. I was about ready to open that email so I could forward it to Luke with a reminder message . . .

That’s when I realized that the February 20th email I sent was addressed to me, not to Luke. I had responded twice to his one email . . . in the second one, I must have messed up with the reply/forward setting because I had accidentally addressed it to myself rather than to Luke . . . that means he never got it! That’s why he hasn’t responded!

Oh . . . of course! He isn’t ignoring me!

Ah . . . that is a relief!

I debated between simply resending the original email (which is brief) or sending a longer email that would share a bit more of my personality . . . if I shared my mistake, I could showcase my sense of humor . . . and maybe I could include wording that would give an indication that I was the kind of person who expected to be acknowledged and responded to . . .

I decided on the latter . . .

Here is what I wrote in the body of the email:

Hi, Luke –

I can only laugh at myself . . .

I’ve been wondering why I had not received a response from you to the email I sent more than a week ago (included below) . . . I felt a week+ was plenty of time for you to respond . . . So I decided to send a quick reminder email this morning . . . Only to realize I had sent that email first to myself rather than to you. No wonder you didn’t respond, LOL!

Anyway, I trust you are enjoying great results with all your adventures! I look forward to hearing from you when you get a chance. Thank you in advance.

– Marie Smith

Half an hour later, I went back to review the email I had just sent (I often do that when an email is important to me). I happened to notice that the original email that I had included in the body of the new email was actually addressed to Luke . . .


I switched to the “sent” folder and scrolled down to the original email . . . in the folder-level view, the emails I have sent show that they are sent to me. But, when I open that particular email, it shows that I’m the sender and Luke is the receiver . . . it must be a bug with the Android/AOL interface. Since the tablet is so new to me, I hadn’t noticed the problem before. So, I actually had sent the February 20th email to him.

Oh, man . . . how silly must I seem now to Luke . . . oh, man . . .

I had a sick feeling in my stomach . . . how do I back pedal without looking stupid and desperate?

I decided humor was my best option. So, I sent this email:

Hi, Luke –

I guess I’m android-technology challenged . . .

I just went back into my “sent” folder to make sure I really did send you that email this morning. When I scrolled down, I noticed it shows that last week’s email did get sent to you. Now I’m confused and feeling rather silly. I’m not sure what you did or did not get sent . . . and if I do or do not have egg on my face.

Again, I have to laugh at myself.

I’m now off to do something much simpler . . . like teach little kids to play the piano!

– Marie

Before shutting down the tablet to start on my day, I went back and made sure that this last email really got sent to Luke . . .

Oh, man . . . I’m not sure how this is going to unfold . . . all I can do is laugh!!

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  1. Oh boy. I’m completely non-techy so definitely sympathise.

    • LOL . . . of course, it couldn’t happen with someone I write to all the time, like my mom or best friend or Edward!

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