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(793) The call of nature

Post #793
[Private journal entry written on Saturday, February 18, 2012]

My mom and I had some quiet time together today during which we checked out Luke’s book, movie DVD and music CD. When I handed the book to my mom, I explained the story of how I had come across it and about the book-signing . . . I explained why I thought it would be something enjoyable for her . . . I showed her the inscription Luke had written to her . . .

She seemed very pleased with the gift.

We looked at every page of the book . . . he had photos from Chile, Dominica, Iceland, Hawaii, Greece, Greenland, Peru, the Rocky Mountains, the Caribbean, Tahiti and, of course, Ireland . . .

My mom and I have been to several of those locations, so it was fun to reminisce about our shared journeys . . . and we studied every breath-taking photo . . . viewing the book was really a pleasurable experience and it was even more special to view it with my mom.

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Photo by Martin Chen

Then, my mom served some chili for lunch and we watched the movie as we ate. It was a series of photo clips and still shots of wonderfully beautiful scenery from around the world. It was set to music and there was some subtle narration – much of it inspirational. Again, the experience was very enjoyable.

I had burned a copy of the book’s “soundtrack” to my computer and gave her the original CD. I absolutely love that music! However, the CD didn’t have any information about the songs (country of origin, title, composer name, performer name, etc.) and I really wished it did.

I told my mom that Luke had expressed at the book-signing that he really loves Irish music . . . he finds it immensely healing and it speaks to his soul . . . well, he loves music in general, especially healing music, but he loves Irish music most of all. He feels pulled toward all things Irish . . . that is why he keeps going back to Ireland. And, he recently learned that he has some Irish blood running in his veins . . . he pondered if that has something to do with that attraction.

He mentioned in his book that he enjoys the company of his beloved dog – a beautiful Siberian husky. He had a photo of him with his dog in the book – very beautiful!

(I seem to be using the word “beautiful” a whole lot in this journal entry . . . but, everything about Luke’s photography and music was just that – amazingly beautiful.)

And . . . something else that caught my eye . . . the book is dedicated to an ex-girlfriend who had been killed in a mountain climbing accident. (I guess the accident happened quite awhile after they had broken up.) He said in his dedication that she had been “the one who got away”.

Hmmmm . . . very interesting . . .

I found the dedication very touching and heartfelt . . . and interesting.

I guess that means he’s not gay.

Hmmmm . . .

Anyway . . . throughout the book and the movie, Luke repeatedly encouraged people to spend time in nature as a way to heal and restore our bodies and minds and souls . . . every time I hear that, I am aware of the sharp ache I have in my heart to do that . . . to go be in the mountains . . . the ache is so strong . . .

When I was watching the video, the mountains in the video called out to me. I thought: It would be nice to go hang out in the mountains, but I can’t because I’m out of shape. It would be a waste of time to drive out to the mountains to go hiking until I get into better shape.

I’ve been going to the gym to try to get into better shape. But, I’ve been very busy, and I have all the psychological crap going on that keeps triggering me . . . I’m not making progress. It’s probably going to be a very, very long time – months and months, maybe a year, maybe two – before I’ll ever get out there and hike again.

As I was wallowing in my self-limiting thoughts, I swear that one particularly majestic mountain in the video spoke to me. It said:

But those aren’t my judgments; I’m sitting here simply waiting for you. I don’t hold any such judgments about the way in which you must show up in the world before you earn the right to come here. I hold no expectations. Just come . . . just get into your car and come. Come today; I’m waiting for you.

It brought tears to my eyes.

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  1. That’s one smart mountain!

    • Amen, LOL!!

  2. Yeah, that mountain is definitely intelligent. Hope you listened up…. :-)

    • Well . . I guess you’ll have to wait and see what I did with that piece of advice, LOL!!

  3. I hope that you have had times to visit the mountains since then. Good and healing thoughts to you.


    • Hi, Kate –

      I appreciate the good thoughts!

      – Marie

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