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(772) Sensory weirdness

Post #772
[Private journal entry written on Wednesday, February 1, 2012]

A week ago, we had some visitors at the conscious business group meeting representing the “Up With People” organization. (According to Wikipedia, Up With People is a global education organization whose mission is to bridge cultural barriers and create global understanding through service and music. A core component of the program is a musical production produced by the student volunteers at each stop of their tour.)

The visiting representatives were recruiting families to host the students for the week they would be in our area. They were getting desperate as the students were due to arrive this week and they still needed beds for 30+ students.

Hakka Tung Blossom by Martin Chen

Hakka Tung Blossom by Martin Chen

Later that same day, I sent out a mass mailing to all my students and to all my business contacts, asking everyone to consider being a host. In the week since, I’ve heard back from several people and I was aware of the placement of at least 10 students as a direct result of my e-mails. I was so proud of the hospitality being shown by our little town . . . there are so many people volunteering their homes in our community that the organization is going to set up a shuttle to and from our town to the daily meeting spot in the bigger town so the hosts in our community won’t have to do so much driving.

The representatives were not in the conscious business meeting today, but they had reported back to our leader that all 30+ students had been placed. Yippee!!

At the start of today’s meeting, during our introductions (our one-minute elevator speech describing who we are and what we do), I had a very weird experience . . . an experience like I’ve never had before.

As part of our introduction, we are also supposed to answer some question given to us by the group leader. Today we were supposed to demonstrate a mudra (body position or movement) that reflected our current mindset.

It was a normal morning for me . . . I was in a “get things done” mode and was operating in a logical manner (as opposed to being driven by emotions). However, when I stood up to give my introduction, my energetic body kept moving upward even after I was standing upright all the way, and I then found myself near the ceiling, looking down on my physical body . . .

It was very different from the dissociative events I experience in therapy. For starters, I was not at all in a highly emotional state. And, when I dissociate, I become unaware of my body and of the passage of time. In this case, I was very aware of both. I could still feel my physical body while simultaneously being aware of the independent positioning of my energetic body. I was very aware of the fact that my spirit was in one place and my body was several feet below in a different space. I was getting sensory input from two different locations at once.

It really threw me off and I totally lost my train of thought. I couldn’t pull the parts of me back together, so I blurted out, “Hi, I’m Marie Smith, a piano teacher from [my town] . . . and I’m having an out-of-body experience right now!” Then, I sat down. That’s the best I could do, given what was happening with me.

Fortunately, this group doesn’t blink an eye with that kind of stuff and the leader lightheartedly asked me if they should be interacting with the “me” located in another part of the room. I joked back that, no, I just needed a moment to “pull myself together.” We all laughed and they moved onto the next person in the circle.

I have no idea what that was all about! Within a few seconds, I was able to reintegrate and continue with my participation, but it left me feeling like I was vibrating lopsidedly for several more minutes. Weird.

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