Posted by: Marie | September 12, 2012

(708) A wish coming true

Post #708
[Private journal entry written on Sunday, October 23, 2011]

This morning, I FINALLY got a response from James via email. When it showed up, it almost caught me off guard . . . I haven’t been allowing myself to really watch for it. And, I was almost too scared to open it. But, I did, of course . . .

Hi Marie,

Sorry it has taken me so long to respond to your email. I typically only look at my personal email once a week unless I am expecting someone to send me something. I get close to 100 emails / day at work and they take the desire to read any more emails right out of me.

So far I haven’t found it too challenging in knowing how to interact with you after you spoke with me about your physical space and contact. I greatly appreciate that you were brave enough to communicate a boundary I wasn’t aware of and hopefully I’ve respected that boundary since our conversation. I am aware of it during our lessons but I always try to remember what one of my elementary school teachers used to tell us: “Hands on laps, everyone.”

I am interested in knowing what brought you to teaching piano above a printing shop in our little town. Not so much because I think it will help me know how to better interact with you, but because I think you are a complex, interesting person and your back story is a big part of what made you the person you are today.

I appreciate the step outside your comfort zone and the concerns, and I would be interested in reading your story. So you know, I would share it with Cindy, just as I have cc’d her to this reply and just as I shared with her our earlier conversation.

Thank you for the trust,

I cried as I read it. What an awesome reply. He really is the man I hoped he is. And, he really is reaching back to me for an emotional connection. I’m a bit in shock. This almost doesn’t seem real. But, it is.

I immediately wrote back . . .

Hi, James –

It is good to hear from you . . . I can understand about the email situation!

Thank you for such a warm and encouraging response. It brought tears to my eyes.

I’ve attached my story . . . just so you know, I don’t intend to bring it up in our lessons since I’m not feeling a great need to, in general, talk further about it with you (I have a therapist for that). However, if you and/or Cindy have comments or questions, I’m very willing/interested to have that conversation – if you guys decide to initiate that conversation.

Thank you for including Cindy in our interactions. I didn’t want to tell you that you had to include her, but I sure feel better that you are. It is very important to me to be aboveboard and transparent in my interactions with people.

Okay . . . thank you, again . . .

– Marie


  1. Excellent

    • I thought so!

  2. That’s really fantastic Marie, your instinct and trust really paid off, I’m really happy for you :-) T

    • Thank you, T! I’m tickled with how it unfolded!

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