Posted by: Marie | September 3, 2012

(703) Like flying a jet plane

Post #703
[Private journal entry written on Thursday, October 13, 2011]

Well . . . what an exciting day!

A while back, I signed up for a master class in one of the nearby bigger towns . . . the master class is on how to improve your performance on pipe organs. One of the local churches just installed a HUGE pipe organ (YouTube video: FCC’s New Organ) with more than 2,300 pipes – it cost more than $500,000 . . . and we will be using that organ for the class!

All the area music teachers have been invited to attend the class, and to perform a piece for the class. I’ve played a few basic church organs a handful of times in my life . . . just enough to have a feel for how one goes about doing so. But, I’ve never played a pipe organ before . . . I wondered . . . how different could it be?

Sun Moon Lake by Martin Chen

So, I contacted the master class’ host, Dorothy, and expressed interest in performing a piece . . . a very simple, short one . . . just to have a chance to play the organ. I figured that, worse case, I’d make a fool of myself . . . but it would be worth it just to be able to play it for a few minutes . . .

Dorothy said I was more than welcome to play a piece in the class . . . and she invited me (just like she invited all those who signed up to play) to spend some time with the organ before the class to get used to it and to choose a registration. That was my first clue that I might be in over my head . . . I had to ask her what a “registration” is . . . LOL. She graciously explained that is the combination of the settings for the various pipes . . .

Oh . . . I see . . . then I asked her if maybe I could just spend time with the organ before the class without performing during the class . . . after all, I just wanted a chance to play it . . . I really didn’t want to play for the class . . .

She said that would be just fine! How cool!

So, today, I picked up my Hispanic friend, Maria, and she and I headed over to the church for my “playtime”. Dorothy met us in the sanctuary and helped me get started. Then, before she left, she invited Maria and I to mess around with it for as long as we cared to.

We spent about 45 minutes with the organ . . . and I spent most of the time just staring at all the buttons and knobs and foot pedals with my mouth hanging open . . . the organ’s control panel was as foreign to me as a commercial jet airplane’s cockpit would have been, LOL!

I pulled a hymn that I know from memory (“When the Roll Is Called Up Yonder”) and showed Maria how to operate a couple of the foot pedals that played root notes of the primary chords. I played a simple version of the hymn on the keyboards (with my hands) and Maria played the bass line on the foot pedals (with her feet), and we managed to get some sounds out of the organ that actually sounded like that hymn!

It was awesome . . . the bass pipes actually rattled the stage’s floorboards . . . wow! It was incredibly awesome . . . to create that powerful of a sound by just pushing a few buttons . . . wow!!!!


In the days after my last therapy session (last week), I had an email exchange with Edward:

Hi, Edward –

I wanted to make contact with you because I miss feeling connected with you.

I pulled back from our relationship during the past few weeks because I was frustrated with feeling hopeless once again – and once again fearing that you are going to give up on me. I didn’t know what to write in a status report before our last session so I just didn’t send one. (And, yes, I know that is okay . . . I know that I’m not obligated to follow some rigid schedule and to faithfully send a status report before every session.)

I was struggling with all of that . . . but I’m doing better with it . . . especially since you let me “be” where I was with things in our last session . . . no judgment, no criticism, no trying to convince me to be in a different place. Thank you for that.

I’m still in the same place with relationships as I was in the last session, but some interesting shifts have occurred internally for me since then . . . and the shifts feel positive despite the fact the catalytic conversation didn’t feel very good.

Anyway, that’s all I had to say . . . I’ll talk to you later!

– Marie


Dear Marie,

Thanks for reaching out and making contact.

I appreciate the update, and am delighted to read that you’ve undergone a number of shifts that feel positive.

I look forward to our time together, and to hearing from you again.


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