Posted by: Marie | August 9, 2012

(685) Consequences be damned

Post #685
[Private journal entry written on Friday, September 9, 2011 at noon]

I heard back from Edward bright and early this morning:

Dear Marie,

Thanks for the update.

First, congratulations on the new students and piano!

Have a wonderful trip this weekend, and I look forward to seeing you upon your return.

I’ll welcome our time together next week, talking about your cousin, your new dad-student, and supporting you in your ever-hopeful journey.



And . . . this day finally arrived . . . my new acoustic piano was just delivered a couple of hours ago. The delivery guys had this really cool carrying platform/plank thing with leather wrist straps on each end. They set the piano on the platform and then walked it up the long flight of stairs, one step at a time.

On the Hike by Martin Chen

I know that piano weighs about 300 pounds (136kg), but they made it look so easy. It took them all of one minute to go up all those stairs. I was amazed.

After I paid them and they left, it was so very quiet in the studio . . . it was just me and the new piano . . . I had to take a few minutes to try it out . . .

It is so awesome to have a “real” piano in the studio. It is badly in need of a tuning . . . but, it still sounds pretty neat. Nothing sounds like a real piano.

I had seen pictures of it before today, but I hadn’t seen it in person before. I mean . . . really . . . it was free . . . and I knew it was a decent piano, so I was happy to take it in whatever condition it arrived. I didn’t feel the need to see it beforehand.

And, it does seem to be in pretty good shape. It needs a good cleaning . . . a good scrubbing from top to bottom because it is covered in a layer of stubborn dirt. But, I know how to use elbow grease! I’m happy to do that!

So, now I have a REAL piano! How neat.


And, in a few hours from now, I’ll be heading out to visit with my cousins, Caleb and Nell, in southern Colorado . . .

My “to do” list is so long. There is so much I “must do” before I leave. The “responsible” thing would be to not leave until the most urgent things are done. If I leave without doing them, there are going to be a lot of people really pissed off at me. If I leave without doing them, I’ll be breaking a number of promises.

But, I must do what I need to do in order to take care of myself . . . I need to do what will support my healing journey.

Here is what I’ve decided . . .

When the clock hits three o’clock, I’m shutting down my computer and I’m getting into my car and I’m going to start driving. No matter what, no matter what I do or don’t have done, I’m starting my trip at three o’clock – consequences be damned.

This is my time.


  1. Hope it was a great weekend

    • It was! Thank you for the positive wishes!

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