Posted by: Marie | August 5, 2012

(683) A problem I’m glad to have

Post #683
[Private journal entry written on Tuesday, September 6, 2011]

On Friday, I interviewed with an adult potential student and she signed on for piano lessons.

I also interviewed with a family later that same day. There are four children in the family. The two oldest ones, a seven-year-old girl and a six-year-old boy, are going to start piano lessons. The mom is going to take lessons as well.

Because I’m getting so many students, I’m no longer willing to offer the option of doing the lessons at the students’ homes. I just don’t have enough time in my day to travel and teach.

But, because of the quantity and ages of the children (the youngest is two) – and because they tend to run around like wild animals – I told the parents I would prefer to come to their home. I don’t think my studio could survive two hours of having those kids running around in it. And, it would be easier for them, as well.

On the Grass by Martin Chen

The trade-off is that I would have to schedule their lesson times during non-primetime hours like Friday evening or the weekend. I don’t have room for them during the Monday through Thursday evenings. They agreed to that schedule if I’m willing to be flexible about the day and time.

We will plan for Friday evening lessons. If they have plans for a particular Friday evening, we will reschedule for later in the weekend. My weekends are typically pretty open, so that works for me.

So . . . with the addition of those four students, my schedule is looking and feeling very full. After some serious thought, I have decided that I cannot accept any more new students right now. Any potential students will have to go on a wait-list until a current student drops out. I’m not sure how I’m going to handle the wait-list . . . but that’s a problem I’m very glad to have!


I had an email exchange with my cousin today . . . they don’t have Internet access at their house, so he has to handle email from his office:

Hi, Caleb –

Just wanted to touch base with you to confirm this weekend . . .

My Friday 2pm piano lesson got rescheduled so I’ll start my travel an hour earlier than expected. I should arrive around 7pm . . . I’ll still eat supper on the road. (Okay??)

I’m really looking forward to getting to know the two of you!

– Marie



Looking forward to your visit…. You can eat here, once you arrive, if you want. We can wait for you, no big deal, just let us know.



Hi, Caleb –

Thanks for the offer . . . I’d prefer that you all eat when you want to eat . . . I’ll eat en route at whatever point I get hungry . . . worse case, you’ll still be eating when I get there, which is no big deal to me!

Then, I’ll plan to eat Saturday’s breakfast and lunch with you . . . sound like a plan . . . ??

See you soon!

– Marie


OK, it’s a plan, see ya’ Friday.


And, finally, I send off an email to my mom so she knows I’ll be out of town during the weekend . . . since we are each other’s “go to gal”, it is important that she knows I’m not going to be around in case she needs help with something.

In an earlier email, I told her about filling all my teaching spots. In response, she encouraged me to make sure I created time for downtime for myself. I followed up with these words:

Hey, Mom –

LOL . . . are your clean windows still clean on the outside after all the rain??

I did work all Labor Day weekend . . . 4-5 hours of lessons each of the three days . . . people’s calendars were open so we did some make-up and regular lessons.

It’s funny that you’d encourage me to take time for myself . . . that’s what I’m doing this weekend! The piano movers are coming Friday morning with the new piano, then I’ll teach my one mid-day lesson, then I’m heading to southern Colorado to visit some friends.

I’ll be gone Friday afternoon/evening and most of Saturday . . . I’ll be back around 8pm on Saturday. Erik and Susan are taking care of my cat. I’ll keep my phone handy if you need to call me, but no guarantees I’ll always have reception.

I love you, too!!
– Me


  1. Congratulations on filling your class times! And I hope the weekend went well.

    • Thank you for the positive thoughts!

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