Posted by: Marie | May 25, 2012

(638) Peeking out from under the covers

Post #638
[Email exchange between my therapist and me on Monday, June 6, 2011 at 9:00pm]

Hi, Edward –

I’m not sure in what timeframe you were thinking when you asked me to check in with you . . . but this seems like a good time to check in . . .

Photo by Martin Chen

It was a rough day today . . . I made it home and crawled into bed. I just came out from under the covers about 30 minutes ago . . . but, I’m feeling fairly okay . . . doing some mindless chores around the house. I have a busy next few days, so I’m sure that will keep me focused.

So . . . I guess we uncovered some pretty major stuff today . . . its been a few months since I’ve been hit this hard.

I’ll survive . . . don’t worry, I’ll be back for more . . . LOL.

Thanks for your support and skill!

– Marie


Dear Marie,

Thanks for checking in.

I was glad to read you’re finding yourself fairly okay now, and ready for the busy days ahead.

I appreciate your courage and commitment to reclaiming your life and yourself.

I look forward to our ongoing journey together.



  1. Big stuff. Glad you coped with it.

    • Hey, Evan –

      Thanks! I’m getting better with the coping!

      – Marie

  2. I wonder why you minimize your feelings so much in this email. Would Edward not be able to handle reading about how bad you really feel? You seem to feel you have to reassure him.

    Sorry if this is off base, but I know from my own experience, if I’m so non-functional after therapy I have to go to bed, I’m just not doing well and would hate to have to pretend I am.

    • Hey, Ellen –

      I had to really think about your question . . .

      I wrote this about 10-12 hours after my session, so Edward was fully aware of how strongly I had been impacted by the session. That’s why I didn’t feel the need to describe that in the email.

      By the time I sent this, I actually was feeling better after spending the day in bed. The point of my email was to let him know that I had taken care of myself during the day (a good thing) and that I was starting to be functional again and that it looked like it my inability to function was going to be short-lived (another good thing).

      Had I continued to struggle to get out of bed and to function for more several days, I would have notified him of that and would have asked for help and the email would have been more in-line with what you described.

      Does that make sense?

      – Marie

  3. Yes, thanks for clarifying Marie.

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