Posted by: Marie | December 21, 2011

(616) A bit of calm after the storm

Post #616
[Private journal entry written on Saturday, April 30, 2011 at 5:00pm]

Okay . . . I made it through . . .

An hour after I left my cat with the vet, he called me with the results of the ultrasound. He said Bogey’s intestines were extremely inflamed, but their entire length appeared to be alive and functioning. That indicates he does not have the fatal virus and that he will likely not need surgery and he will likely survive . . . maybe. At least it seems his chances are better than we were thinking this morning.

He said he has no idea what could have caused Bogey’s intestines to become that irritated. He asked me about the enema I gave the cat midday Friday – did it have anything in it like saline (no), did I use hot or cold water (room temp), how much water did I inject (about 5ml), what was the diameter of the hose (1.7mm), how far into his rectum did I insert it (about 2cm) . . . well, no, that doesn’t seem like any of that would cause this much trouble . . .

He then told me that Bogey was ready for me to take him home. However, the chairs for the recital were scheduled to be delivered at noon . . . it was 11:30 at that point. I asked if it would be okay for me to pick him up an hour later, after the chairs got delivered. The vet said that, no, he was going to head back home as soon as I picked up Bogey . . . his family was waiting for him . . . could I please come immediately . . . ??

So, I jumped in the car, made the three-minute drive to his office, completed the handoff of the cat and all the medicines and care instructions and special food, and raced back to the studio. I was still transporting the cat in the box with a lid . . . and he was feeling good enough now that he refused to stay in the box. So, I shut him in the bathroom so he wouldn’t run out the door when the chairs were being delivered.

Photo by Martin Chen

About then, the chair delivery guy opened the door and hollered to see if I was around. It didn’t take long for us to get the chairs up the stairs to the recital area. Then, he took off.

I let the cat out of the bathroom . . . and he headed straight for a potted plant, climbed into the pot and squatted down to pee . . . oh, no! I grabbed before he got any pee out and shut him in the bathroom again. At least, if he peed in the bathroom, it would be easy to find and hopefully easy to clean up.

I raced around the studio, setting up the pianos and the chairs, typing up and copying the program, setting up the sound equipment, cleaning the bathroom (despite the cat being in there) . . . I got everything in place by 2:20pm. The recital was scheduled to start at 3pm, so I knew people would start arriving around 2:40pm. I had 20 minutes to drive home with the cat in-tow (fortunately it was only a three-minute drive), get cleaned up, clothes changed (I had been in sweat pants and a t-shirt), hair styled, make-up applied, cat settled in . . . and back to the studio before my first guest arrived. I made it! The first guest showed up about three minutes after me!

The recital went beautifully . . . and the cop/paramedic couple played the “Ode to Joy” ensemble with their daughter and they did so well . . . the two pieces performed by the father who plays by ear were beautiful and a perfect way to end the recital.

After the recital, my mom and I practiced a couple of pieces for tomorrow’s recital. Then, I came home and crashed. I plan to spend the rest of the evening cuddling with Bogey, willing him to get better. I gave him a couple spoonfuls of the special wet food and he actually ate it all. He hasn’t eaten for two days, so it was good to see his interest in food.

He still has the IV catheter in his leg in case he crashes again or if he shows signs of dehydration – the vet sent home the remaining saline solution and said my housemate could restart the IV if it was needed.

Bogey is still rather loopy from the morphine remaining in his system, so he pretty much is just sleeping. I had to give him this chalky medicine to coat his digestive system – the vet said his intestines were basically raw as if a huge scab had been ripped off the inside of the intestines – the coating would reduce the pain as he digested food.

So . . . we are just chilling. It is a quiet end to a couple of wild days.


  1. Wow, you did amazingly, what a couple of days!

    • Thank you, Evan . . . not quite sure how I made it through!

      – Marie

  2. Im glad kitty will be okay. I’ve watched cats and dogs die from parvo, awful.
    Glad to hear, too, that other things are going well.

    • Hey, Ivory –

      It is good to hear from you again!

      He is one tough cat!! Thanks for the good thoughts!

      – Marie

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