Posted by: Marie | December 17, 2011

(614) Big sigh of relief

Post #614
[Private journal entry written on Saturday, April 30, 2011 at 9:15am]

Well, I got a solid night’s sleep and then made a quick trip over to the emergency vet’s clinic in the next town over to pick up Bogey. The final bill at the clinic came to $770. I put it on the newly established credit account . . . and I have a year to pay it off with no interest.

As I was checking out, the vet tech brought a small ziplock bag to me – she said it was a “gift” for me . . . what in the world?!?!

In the ziplock was a very foul smelling, poop-covered flat, white thing about the length and width of an adult’s finger. She said Bogey had pooped it out early this morning.

Photo by Martin Chen

She said it looked like some kind of a worm or other parasite . . . something like a tapeworm except it didn’t have body segments like a tapeworm would have. She said they didn’t recognize what it was but that my vet could dissect it and determine what it was.

They said it would be much cheaper for my vet to do the analysis than for them to do it at the clinic – that is why they didn’t already know what it was. But, assuming it was some kind of a parasite, the treatment would be fairly easy . . . just a round of de-wormer treatment for Bogey and for all the other animals in the house.

The vet tech said that Bogey seemed to be doing better this morning. In fact, the third x-ray they took this morning showed that the fluid and air in his digestive tract had moved along. They thought that maybe the worm had caused a blockage – or at least a severe irritation/inflammation – which may have been relieved when he passed the worm.

I did agree that Bogey appeared to feel better . . . he wouldn’t stay in the box. He kept pushing up the lid and trying to escape.

As I was driving back to my town – to my vet’s office – I left a voicemail on my housemate’s phone to let her know what was happening so she could take steps to de-worm her animals.

I’ll go ahead and meet with my vet this morning. We had been planning for him to do surgery today, but it looks like that won’t be necessary.

So, now, I’m sitting here, in my car, waiting for my vet to arrive . . . I’ll have him confirm the parasite theory and we can figure out the next steps.

Maybe this is going to all turn out okay. I hope so . . . I have so much to do today . . . there are less than six hours before the first piano recital and I’m nowhere near ready . . .

It has become very clear to me that there is no way I’m going to finish preparing the “Pieces of Me” piece for the recital. I’ve given up on that. It will be okay for today’s recital because a parent of three of my students will be performing a couple of pieces at the very end of that recital as the “special treat”. He plays by ear – and he plays beautifully. That will be enough of a special ending for today’s recital.

I called my mom this morning to see if she would be willing to play a duet with me at the end of the recital on Sunday. I’m thinking one of us could switch the voice on one of the digital keyboards to an organ voice and we could play a couple of hymns or popular pieces together. We have played enough together over the years that it will only take 20-30 minutes to prepare and it will still create a special ending for tomorrow’s recital.

My mom said she would be happy to do that – she said she would pick out a few pieces and bring them with her to the recital today (she is planning to attend both recitals). After today’s recital, we can run through the pieces and get them prepared and then play them at tomorrow’s recital. Whew – that’s one more pressure off my shoulders.


  1. Hope the recital went well.

    Weird that the hospital didn’t recognise what the parasite or whatever was. I would have thought they would recognise most things pretty easily.

    • Hey, Evan –

      The parasite was not one of the common ones and they wondered if he had picked up something unusual as a newborn since he was born feral. Hang tight . . . that’s not the end of the story . . .

      – Marie

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