Posted by: Marie | December 12, 2011

(613) Some rest for the weary

Post #613
[Private journal entry written on Saturday, April 30, 2011, 1:00am]

So . . . I now know the results of the veterinary tests and the results of the credit application . . .

Even though I’ve not had any credit accounts for the last seven years, it seems I still have a decent credit score. (Go figure!?!?!) I was approved for a $2,100 line of credit with a year to pay it off with zero interest. That gives me some options. I’d prefer to not spent that much, but at least I have some options.

The veterinary tests showed a probable bowel obstruction although the vet couldn’t see any foreign objects. Mostly the x-rays showed an excess build-up of gas and fluids in all the wrong places.

Photo by Martin Chen

The vet suggested that I allow them to keep Bogey overnight so they could give him some pain medication – she said he was in significant pain – and so they could give him fluids, electrolytes, steroids, antibiotics, etc. That would put him in the best condition possible for surgery – assuming he will need surgery, which is what she is predicting.

She said she would take a third x-ray in the morning to see if anything has shifted overnight that would negate the need for surgery. Then, I can pick him up first thing and get him to my vet for surgery, assuming I’m able to get a hold of my vet by then (his office is not open on Saturdays.) Having the surgery done by my vet in his private office will cost a fraction of having the surgery done at the emergency clinic.

The tests and the overnight care at the emergency facility will cost $700-800 total. I will cover that bill with the line of credit and I’ll keep the cash in my bank accounts, at least for tonight. I can pay my personal vet with the line of credit, also.

So, that’s how thing stand right now. I’m glad the cat is in the hospital because now I feel I can relax and still get a relatively good night’s sleep. If he had come home with me, I think I would have stayed awake all night and worried about him. I really need sleep . . . tomorrow’s going to be a rough day.

When I got home, I called my vet’s office to leave a message. Much to my surprise, my vet answered the phone despite the fact it was after midnight. I had a sudden sick feeling that I had accidentally dialed his cell phone and had woken him up . . . but, he quickly assured me that was not the case . . . he was at his office.

He was as surprised at the phone ringing in the middle of the night as I was at it being answered! He said he had just bought a new building and was remodeling it so he could move the clinic into it – he had stopped by the clinic’s current location to pick up some supplies before heading home.

When I told him I had tried to page him, he figured he hadn’t heard it because he was running power tools. He checked his pager . . . and yes, my page was on it. He felt bad that he hadn’t heard it and that I had ended up going to the emergency clinic.

Maybe it was for the best . . . he wouldn’t have been able to care for Bogey overnight like the staff at the emergency clinic can. It was an expensive trip, but maybe it was for the best.

Anyway, my vet arranged for me to meet him at 9:30 in the morning at his office with the cat to do the surgery. I have to make the hour-long round trip to pick up the cat from the emergency clinic before then. But, I still can get five or six hours of sleep . . .

And now, I get to go to bed . . .


  1. It was all pretty intense. Hope it worked out well.

  2. I appreciate the positive wishes!

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