Posted by: Marie | December 9, 2011

(612) My poor, weak kitty

Post #612
[Private journal entry written on Friday, April 29, 2011, 11:30pm]

So . . . I gave up on the vet returning my page. The cat vomited blood again and I could tell he was getting very weak. I couldn’t wait any longer. I had to go to the emergency vet clinic in the next bigger town.

I didn’t want to wait until the middle of the night to go because I need to get as much sleep as possible – I still have to set up the studio, which includes moving the two digital keyboards, setting up a complete sound system and setting up 60 chairs. Then, I have to type up and photocopy the recital program.

Oh, and . . . let’s not forget I still have hope I’m going to somehow magically learn how to play my solo piece by the start of the first recital at 3pm.

At the emergency clinic, the vet said they needed to do blood work and x-rays to figure out what was going on inside of Bogey the cat. She said she believed there was an intestinal blockage and she said it would probably require emergency surgery. But . . . she said to not get too shook up until she ran all the tests.

Photo by Martin Chen

I tentatively asked how much the blood work and the x-rays would run . . . she said it would be around $400-500.

My heart sunk. I have enough money in my checking account to cover the house and studio rent that is due in a couple of days and I have enough to cover a week of groceries and gas. Then, I have another $500 in savings that is supposed to go towards covering my bills during the summer months when piano lessons run lean.

Then I realized something . . . I will be getting about $500 from the extra work I signed on to do at the bus barn. I have been too busy to think about how that unexpected income was going to be applied in my budget. I guess now I know – it is how I will be covering this vet bill!

However, if I spend that $500 on testing and the tests show that surgery or some other treatment is needed, I won’t be able to pay for that additional treatment. The only choice I will have is to put the cat to sleep.

Then, it dawned on me . . . if that happens, I don’t have enough in my checking and savings accounts combined right now to pay the $150 for euthanasia. I will have used all my cash on the tests. What then? Do I just walk away and hope the vet has the decency to put him to sleep anyway?

It was about at this point in the process that I lost it . . . I just started bawling. I felt sorry for the vet’s assistant . . . having to deal with me being such a basket case.

She talked to me quite a while about some of the charity funds that were available that would get us through tonight, but then I’d have to agree to cover any surgery and/or therapeutic care that might occur tomorrow or beyond. I don’t have the funds to do that.

So, I told the assistant that I only have enough money for testing – that I don’t have enough for surgery or even for euthanasia after testing. I told her that the only option I really have is to not do any tests and just put Bogey to sleep right now.

The vet walked into the room about then and listened a bit to the exchange. She gently inserted herself into the conversation and told me that she would like for me to do the testing and find out what was going on. She said that, if the tests showed that treatment beyond my means was needed, she would put the cat to sleep for no charge.

I really lost it then . . . partly because of her generosity and partly because the idea I might have to put my precious kitty to sleep was moving from a passing thought to a very real possibility.

After a few more tears and after blowing my nose, I agreed to that plan. The vet picked up the box in which my kitty was lying and took him to the lab in the back of the clinic.

The assistant stayed with me and offered the option of a medical credit line. She said that, if I qualified for the line of credit, anything I charged to the account tonight would carry a zero interest rate as long as I met the monthly minimum payments and as long as I paid it off within a year.

I don’t have any debt, so I figured applying for the credit was worth a shot. I have been saying it might be good for me to start establishing some credit . . . maybe this is the way to do it . . .

I told her to go ahead and run the application while the vet was running the tests on the cat. Within an hour, I should know the test results and the credit application results . . . and then I will be able to make some decisions.

So . . . now I’m counting the minutes . . .


  1. Hope it worked out OK one way or another

    • Thanks, Evan!

  2. oh poor kitty. i’m hoping it worked out okay.

    • Thanks for the well-wishes, Catherine!

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