Posted by: Marie | December 7, 2011

(611) My poor kitty

Post #611
[Private journal entry written on Friday, April 29, 2011, 9:00pm]

Well, I have less than 24 hours to finalize everything for the piano recitals this weekend. I have one tomorrow afternoon and the other on Sunday afternoon.

I was hoping to use several hours during the middle of the day today to work on the piece I’m supposed to be playing for the recital – the Pieces of Me piece that came to me in the middle of the night after a really bad dream.

I always play something at the recitals because it is important to model the art of performing for my students. But, I’ve been so busy that I haven’t had time to get the piece performance-ready. I was hoping to do a “Hail Mary” and pull it together yet today . . . but, my day has not gone anything like I planned . . .

I worked a couple of hours this morning doing a school bus route. When I got home at 8:30am, there was a medium-size feline hairball on the floor surrounded by a significant pool of fresh blood . . . obviously, from “Bogey” the cat (the same cat that my housemate rescued from a back alley when he was one week old and then hand-raised it).

Since my housemate is a vet tech by trade, I asked her to check it out. I didn’t have the time and I don’t have the money to deal with anything significant, so I was hoping she would dismiss it as “no big deal”. But, she freaked out.

Things have to be really bad for her to freak out . . . not much freaks her out. I took a deep breath and called the vet. They said they could get me in at 1:30pm.

Other than being a bit mellow, the cat really seemed fine – well, other than the fact he didn’t eat his breakfast, which he always gobbles up his food as fast as possible. If I don’t feed it to him in a timely manner, he about chews my leg off. So, it is significant that he didn’t eat this morning.

I spent the morning worriedly fussing over the cat – and cleaning up the big pool of blood and a smaller pool of blood I found in another corner. It is amazing how much blood carpet can soak up! I didn’t want to leave him alone until I knew what was going on, so I hung around the house and did household stuff, emails, phone calls, etc. I gave him a small water-only enema to try to replenish some of the fluids he lost.

So, no practicing my piano . . . not today . . . maybe tomorrow . . .

At 1:30, I raced over to the vet. I had to be back to the bus barn by 2:15, so I knew it would be a tight timeline to see the vet, take the cat back home and get to the bus barn . . .

The vet looked Bogey over and said he looked relatively okay . . . he wasn’t in shock or anything from blood loss, and since he hadn’t thrown up again, the vet thought it wasn’t anything to worry about. The vet found a small cut far back on his tongue so he deduced the cat had chewed on something he shouldn’t have and cut his tongue, the tongue bled a lot, the cat swallowed the blood, which irritated his stomach and caused him to throw up – the hairball must have just been in the right place at the right time to get thrown up at the same time. The hairball was not large enough to cause bleeding, so the vet felt the hairball really had nothing to do with it.

He was upset with me for giving the cat the enema. I told him I gave my other cat enemas all the time when she got constipated or dehydrated . . . my former vet showed me how to do it . . . no big deal. This vet doesn’t seem impressed with my enema skills . . .

The vet gave the cat some fluids via a shot and gave me some chalky stuff to give him that would coat his esophagus and stomach and ease the irritation. So, that was $90 – I really don’t have that much money to spare, but what else could I do? I’m responsible for this cat, for better or for worse.

The vet told me to page him if the cat got weaker or if he vomited blood again. He gave me his personal pager number and sent me on my way . . . I dropped off the cat, raced over to the bus barn and did the afternoon bus route, the entire time hoping for the best with the cat . . .

I had some piano lessons scheduled for right after the bus route, so I went straight to the studio and taught piano until 7:30pm. When I finally got home, I found four new pools of blood . . . some of them included frothy blood. The cat was very lethargic and seemed to be in mild shock. So, I paged the vet.

It has been an hour and I’ve not gotten a call back from the vet. This is not good. If he doesn’t get back to me soon, I’ll have to take the cat to an emergency vet clinic in the next bigger town, which is a 30-minute drive. It is usually $200 just to walk in the door at an emergency clinic . . . this is not good . . .

I sure hope the vet calls back soon . . . I’m finding it impossible to think about sleep knowing that Bogey may be bleeding to death . . .


  1. Wishing your kitty the best. This sounds like a real time piece, as you have the holiday recitals? Very stressful when pets are sick, they can’t tell us where it hurts….

    • Hey, Ellen –

      Thanks for the warm wishes!

      So . . . this is not a “real time” piece . . . it is from April. I host two recitals each year, one for the holidays and one in the spring. This journal entry was referring to the spring recitals. However, I just finished this year’s holiday recitals, which is one of the reasons I’ve been MIA lately . . . the recitals require a huge time commitment and the blog had to go on the back burner!

      It is good to hear from you . . . I do get over to your blog every once in a while to read how things are going with you . . . it seems you are making some realy progress! Way to go!

      – Marie

  2. He;s beautiful! xx

    • Thank you, Katie!!

  3. Oh, no! This kind of thing is so deeply distressing, for so many reasons…financial, emotional, and every other way. Poor Bogey.

    Your vet notwithstanding, I am *amazed* that *anyone* can give a cat an enema. I tried to picture that with my cats, and quickly deduced that it would be my last act on earth.

    • LOL, David –

      It helps that the cat was not feeling very well . . . normally, he’s a spaz! I knew he was really sick when he let me do that with only a small fight . . .

      I imagine you can empathize about the cat thing . . . given what’s been going on in the feline part of your life lately!

      Thanks for hollering!

      – Marie

  4. Oh as a cat person, I can’t imagine anything as bad as waiting for a sick cat to heal. Your Bogey is a beautiful kitteh. I hope he gets better real soon. Please keep us posted on this.

    • Hi, Susan –

      Thanks for the hopeful thoughts and wishes!

      I appreciate you stopping by!

      – Marie

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