Posted by: Marie | May 26, 2011

(548) Bah! Humbug!


  1. Christmas can be a really difficult time. When we lived in another city and had lots of friends who were estranged from their parents we used to get together for a refugees from Christmas Christmas Day.

    And those damn mirrors in change rooms seem designed to make us look fat. Why ffs?

    • Hey, Evan –

      Once again, I had to do some investigation . . . I didn’t know the meaning of “ffs” . . . now I know, LOL!

      I agree, the holidays can be rough when one isn’t living a fairy tale life (but who does, really?)

      – Marie

  2. I think if you were able to tell your mom how you feel, you would have a better relationship. Though right when she gave you a present wouldn’t be the ideal time perhaps. Maybe you’d feel better about yourself if you spoke your truth, instead of having to stuff it inside? I personally don’t try and tell my parents anything, as I’ve given up on them. But you seem to have a relationship with your mother….

    I don’t know what you ended up doing, but it would have been great if you could have used the money on something that would give you pleasure, like some new music or books or whatever. Something for the real you. Take care

    • Hey, Ellen –

      You must have a crystal ball! Yes, I had a conversation with her and yes, it all worked out for the best! So . . . you were on the “right” track!

      – Marie

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