Posted by: Marie | March 28, 2011

(528) I’m back!!

Post #528

I’m Back!!

Hi, Everyone –

It is with great relief and pleasure that I am announcing . . . . I’m back in the blogosphere!!

I’ll resume a regular publishing schedule this week . . . with the caveat that I might occasionally miss a day or two or three along the way. I guess part of what I’m learning through my therapeutic process is that I don’t have to perform so perfectly, LOL! But, for the most part, things seem to have settled down and smoothed out and I’m feeling much better – and a more regular publishing schedule will likely result!

At any rate, I so appreciate all the support I have received during the last month as I struggled to find my footing again. This is such an awesome community!

I look forward to being in contact with all of you soon!

– Marie


  1. Good to have you back Marie. I hope the time away was very beneficial – even if not easy.

    • Thank you, Evan . . . your constant support means so much to me! I’m glad to be back!

      – Marie

  2. welcome back!

    • Thank you, Catherine . . . it’s good to be back in touch!

  3. Good to know you’re back Marie and doing OK.

    • Thank you, Ellen . . . I missed you all!

  4. I’ve been checking back here almost every day, hoping for an update! Glad to hear things have improved Marie.

    • Wow! That’s dedication! Thank you for your ongoing support . . . I’m glad to be back!

      – Marie

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