Posted by: Marie | February 17, 2011

(518) Post Round-Up: Trusting our perfect imperfection

Post #518

Post Round-Up

This week, I have discovered a number of posts in other blogs that caused me to stop and think how the authors’ words might apply to my life. I would like to share them with you.

The first one, Are You Willing to Let Go and Trust was written by Gail Brenner and published in her blog, A Flourishing Life. This post looks at how we can let go of always knowing the answer to “How?” and “Why? and “When?” and learn to trust that there is enough, that we are enough, that we know enough . . . .

The next one, A Question of (Not) Enough was written by Christine Claire Reed and published in her blog, BlissChick. Her post simply asks a question about differentiating between acknowledging when we truly are not doing what we need to do and recognizing when we are not giving ourselves credit for all we actually do. To find the meat of the discussion, you will need to scroll down to the comments.

The last one, Change Squared was written by Evan Hadkins and published in his blog, Living Authentically. He examines how we may benefit from not only changing, but also from changing the way we change. I really like this post because he addresses how some of us perfectionists attempt to do therapy perfectly . . . and that hits home for me, LOL!

I invite you to hop over to these blogs and check out these (and other) posts. I trust you will find inspiration for your own healing.


  1. Glad it helped.

    • I appreciate that you wrote it . . . it was very thought provoking for me!

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