Posted by: Marie | January 25, 2011

(499) Reader Input: Paranormal experiences

Post #499

Solicitation for Reader Input

On our Best Friends Forever weekend trip, Melodie and I had some fun playing with the possibility of ghostly activity. But, I have had some paranormal experiences at other times in my life that were a bit more . . . well, a bit more real. For example, I’ve had misty forms – and dark forms – walking around my bedroom at night. One of those forms even grabbed me by the shoulders and sat me up in bed . . . I kept hoping it was a dream and that I’d wake up, but finally I had to acknowledge I was already awake. That was very scary.

But, I’ve had some very wonderful experiences also . . . some very healing experiences.

So . . . I’m curious . . .

Do you believe in “spirits”, “ghosts”, “angels”, “dark energy” and/or “spirit guides”? If so, do you think they have independent intelligence?

Have you had experiences with beings from the other side? In what form did they manifest? Were you awake or asleep? What was the experience like? Was it scary or soothing?

Do you think it is dangerous to play around with the possibility of interacting with these energy forms?

I really want to hear your thoughts!! Please send me your comments!


  1. I’m fairly skeptical of paranormal experiences, ghosts, etc. And yet–I don’t dismiss any of it entirely. I think we understand so little of what is happening with our consciousness, our world, what any of this is–that the possibility exists for all manner of things that we might scoff at to be true.

    That being said, I do think that our need to explain this life and this experience often leads people to label things as psychic events, ghosts, spirits, etc in order to reduce the oddness of life into something that can be understood. “Oh that weird figure was a ghost from the 19th century haunting me because it died under unhappy circumstances.” That’s an easier explanation than saying, “I don’t know what that was. All I know is that there are things happening to me that I don’t understand and which frighten me.”

    • Hey, Aaron –

      So . . . it sounds like you realize there are things about this world you don’t understand and, therefore, you don’t feel qualified to determine what is “true” and what is “not true” about them. I like that approach! It sounds like you have an open mind!

      – Marie

  2. I believe in energy and spiritual experiences people might classify as paranormal. I also believe that my dead grandparents, for example, are still available to me. However, the ‘ghosts’ and ‘spirits’ I used to experience early in my healing all turned out to be flashbacks rather than the actual spirits I was afraid they were, which was both better and worse…


    • Hey, SDW –

      It sounds like you have had to use some major descernment in figuring out what you have been experiencing on different fronts. It sounds like you are getting a handle on it . . .

      – Marie

  3. I’ve had one strange experience which was quite positive – it was while I was awake and involved someone else so not a subjective fantasy. It was positive.

    Many people seem to have experiences around death and birth – some of whom are not woowoo at all.

    So I do think materialism isn’t an adequate account of the world.

    My big concern is that people are discerning. I don’t automatically believe what a living person says; why should I automatically believe what a channelled dead person says? As SDW said our psyches can get mixed up in this too.

    I’m not sure about the 19th century style of ghosts – unquiet spirits and so on. I don’t really see how emotional disturbance would contribute to the state after death.

    • Hey, Evan –

      I agree there is a concern about discernment . . . and, yet, it is a challenge to be discerning. I think we may have to use out “guts” to feel this out since our minds can get mixed up far more easily.

      – Marie

  4. I think we see within the scope of human eyes. I think we hear within the same scope. I think reality is far more infinite that our human experience, though. I don’t know what it is, exactly, that makes me look up and turn my head in a particular direction, at times, but… I think there’s a lot of life going on all around us all the time that we either don’t pay attention to, or simply aren’t geared to tune into.

    My own experience is with fragrances. Every once in awhile, I walk through a bit of fragrance–light, like walking past a flowering tree–but it’s just me in the house. I don’t know what it is I experience at times like this, but I feel comforted by the smell… and I don’t know how it comes to be.

    • Hey Meredith –

      I wonder if it has to do with spectrums . . . for example, when we are children, our hearing is very sensitive. Then, with age and accumlated damage, our hearing becomes limited to a narrower band of frequencies.

      I wonder if the same applies to our spirits vs our bodies vs our emotions, etc. Maybe, by being contained in a human body, our senses are limited. But, sometimes, our senses are able to open up to other “frequencies”, like maybe when we are more attuned to our spirits.

      I don’t know . . . just a thought, LOL!

      – Marie

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