Posted by: Marie | January 7, 2011

(484) Post Round-Up: Fresh beginnings

Post #484

Post Round-Up

This week, I have discovered a number of posts in other blogs that caused me to stop and think how the authors’ words might apply to my life. I would like to share them with you.

The first one, What I Learned about Grounding from the “May We Dance Upon Their Graves” blog, is about very do-able and simple ways to become more aware of one’s body. This can be useful when learning to be aware of the needs of one’s body after a lifetime of those needs being ignored by others and by ourselves.

The second post, Why Do I Need to Tell? from the “Overcoming Sexual Abuse” blog, is about the necessity of telling one’s story about past trauma in a supportive environment as a way to move through the traumatic damage and to find healing.

The last two posts are about how our attempts to better ourselves (for example, through New Year’s resolutions) can easily be sabotaged if psychological damage from past trauma has not had sufficient healing attention:

Tomorrow I Will Start to Face the Pain from the “Emerging from Broken” blog
Cutting for Stone and Abu Kassem’s Slippers from the “Blooming Lotus” blog

I invite you to hop over to these blogs and check out these (and other) posts. I trust you will find inspiration for your own healing.


  1. Thank you for sharing these links. You are a generous resource, and that, in itself, is inspiration to me.


    • Hey, Meredith –

      I so appreciate your kind words! They are very nice to hear!

      – Marie

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