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(483) Curious puzzle pieces

Post #483
[Private journal entry written on Friday, August 13, 2010]

So . . . I have decided to permanently adopt the little foster kitty that has been with me for the last five months – he is celebrating his first birthday this week . . . well, I’m celebrating, he’s just tearing around my suite of rooms like a wild banshee, LOL! He is mellowing out some – meaning he doesn’t climb my bookshelves as much, and he hasn’t climbed up the wall using my picture frames as footholds for a while . . .

I have fallen in love with the little guy and can’t imagine letting him go elsewhere to live. And, I have given him a permanent name – Bogey – the one he was being called when he moved in. For some reason, it fits him, LOL.

I thought he was going to be a long-haired cat. But, it turns out . . . he is a medium-haired cat. That means he needs far less human-performed grooming (other than we have to shave his hiney because he has trouble keeping it clean with all the hair there – he really hates that!)

He has developed the most unusual tuffs of hair behind his ears. My housemate, Susan, who is an animal groomer, says she has never seen hair tuffs like this. She has seen tuffs coming off of the points of the ears (like a lynx has) and she has seen long hair rooted inside the ears, but she has never seen hair like his that is growing behind the ears (near the base) that fans out to the sides behind his ears. He looks like Bozo the Clown, especially when he’s been sleeping and hasn’t had a chance to groom himself – his hair sticks up wild, all over the place, bedhead style, LOL!

Anyway . . . a few days ago, the cable TV/Internet repair guy came to the house to do some work. Since the cable box is in the utility room and the utility room is in my suite of rooms, he had to come into my part of the house.

Now, if you remember, I’ve had problems with my roommates not giving me fair warning that repair guys are coming to the house to do work in the utility room . . . and, I found out today that this repair guy actually had been scheduled to come a week earlier. But, my housemates forgot to tell me until the morning of the appointment . . . and rather than deal with my wrath, they rescheduled for this week – and, they gave me a week’s notice. So, that is a good thing! But, that all really has nothing to do with my story about the cat. I just thought it was worth mentioning. So, anyway, let’s get back to the cat story . . . which, by the way, does involve this repair guy in a roundabout way . . .

On the day of the appointment, the repair guy and my housemate, Erik, spent quite a bit of time in my suite of rooms while I was gone for the day. Most of the cable for the TV and Internet is in the ceiling of my suite. So, they pushed back a bunch of the ceiling tiles of the dropped ceiling to gain access. When they finished their work, they put the tiles back in place. Well, they came pretty close to getting the tiles back in place.

You see, I have learned that whenever Erik needs to come into my space and move things around to get some task accomplished, my things are not going to be put back in place all the way. For example, when he pulls the boardgames out of their cupboards at the far end of my kitchenette for a party, I know he is not going to put them back in their cupboard after the party. He will either put them in one of my cupboards (which are not nearly as crammed full as their cupboards because I like to be able to open the cupboard and easily find things) or he will leave them on the counter where I prepare my food. I know it will fall to me to put them back in their rightful place.

I have decided it is a relatively minor thing . . . I think Erik is someone who has decided it is okay to pass off some of his responsibilities onto other people if doing so doesn’t cause him much pain. He doesn’t really care how it might affect the other person . . . or maybe he has never taken the time to think about it. I have learned that talking to him about it doesn’t do any good. I have decided it is not worth complaining about because it usually takes me about two minutes to put things back in place. It’s easier to just do it. (I believe in choosing my battles carefully – and there are other, bigger battles to fight in this living arrangement.)

So, of course, when I walked into my suite of rooms that evening, I noticed that four or five of the ceiling tiles above a tall bookcase and above the shelves in the closet were not quite back in place. They were close to being in place – they were within 3-4 inches (9 centimeters) of being back in place. No big deal. I figured I would get out my little stepladder this weekend and fix them while I was waiting for my laundry to finish. It would be a three-minute task.

However . . . . today . . . when I returned home and then walked down the stairs and into the basement’s main room, I noticed my kitty was running around in the main room. This is very strange since he is normally not allowed out there because of all the other animals in the house. Erik was at his desk (which is in the main room), doing a training session via webcam. So, I couldn’t ask him at that time why Bogey was out of my room.

No big deal – Bogey followed me back into my room. A few minutes later, I came back out of my room (sans the feline accompaniment). Erik was off the webcam. I inquired why the cat had been out – I figured he had snuck out behind me when I had left a few hours earlier.

Erik laughed and pointed at the empty place in the dropped ceiling above his desk from which a mess of cables was dangling. I was puzzled . . . I knew he had been having issues with the Internet connection today, so I figured he had pulled the cables and wires down to try to find the problem . . . that would be par for the course for him. But, his pointing didn’t answer my question about the kitty.

So, I politely inquired, “Were you able to fix your problem with the Internet connection?”

“Well, maybe . . . . I at least think I know what was causing the problem.”

“Oh? What?”

“Well, during my webcam session, I kept hearing this rustling noise in the ceiling. I couldn’t figure out what the heck it could be . . . last I knew, we didn’t have anything bigger than a cricket running around above the dropped ceiling. And, my phone line kept cutting out and back in.

“Then . . . all of the sudden . . . the ceiling tile came crashing down onto the corner of my desk . . . along with that big mess of wires . . . along with a hairy streak of grey . . . ”

“Oh, my! Did it mess up your training session?”

“Well, no . . . I’ve been doing this job for almost a decade . . . not much shakes me up . . . so, I was able to continue like nothing had happened . . . (laughing) But, I have no idea how the cat got into the ceiling!”

“Oh . . . I think I can provide that piece of the puzzle . . . ”


  1. Oh how cute! I love cats, but am allergic or I would probably have several!

    • Hey, Ivory –

      They can be quite the characters! Bogey makes me laugh a lot!!

      – Marie

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