Posted by: Marie | December 28, 2010

(475) Tidbits of non-therapy news

Post #475
[Private journal entry written on July 26, 2010]

I’m enjoying a bit of a lull . . . I’m not working my school district job right now due to the summer break. So, I’m getting some big projects done and catching up on other stuff.

I recently read an American history textbook cover to cover . . . I picked up the textbook at a book exchange table at the local grocery store.

Photo by Martin Chen

I have some other books I want to read – some historical fiction and some historical non-fiction. But, my knowledge of American history is a bit spotty/rusty, so I figured it would be good to review it before reading the other books. I really enjoyed reading the textbook, especially because I didn’t have to memorize names and dates and I didn’t have to do the written exercises at the end of each chapter, LOL!

This week, the print shop owner and I co-hosted a networking event for the business community at our business location (we share a business suite). She and I work quite well together, so it was easy to plan and easy to execute. It was a lot of fun to give so many business people a tour of my piano studio!

On the day of the networking event, I gained six new students, three of which came as a direct result of the networking event. Cha-ching!

One of the new students is Sally, the lady who invited me to perform for the Rotary Club last week – and the same person who invited me to perform last Christmas (which had a disastrous ending). We have had a bit of a rocky relationship in the past, so I’m hoping having a teacher-student relationship will allow us to get to know each other better and to improve our relationship. She has some significant learning challenges, so I think it will be fun to work with her. And, I guess I did okay at the Rotary performance . . . she has asked me to perform again at Christmas. I told her I would . . . I have five months to prepare . . . LOL.

So, with my six new students, I am now up to 24 students. A few are taking the summer off but will be starting up again in the fall. Whew! This is awesome!! Just think . . . at Christmas, just seven months ago, I had eight students. Now my business has tripled. Awesome! I’m so glad I have the new studio!

I am a bit nervous about my fall schedule. If I continue to work the school district job (which is the plan), I will be working very long days. But, I’m happy for the work – for the income. Income is very good. I’ll make it work somehow. The good news is I’m not feeling triggered about it – as in, I don’t feel I’m in danger of sliding into a depression over it. I’m actually excited about getting into the fall schedule. That is a first!

On a bit of a sad note . . . my housemates had to put to sleep two of their three dogs in the past couple of weeks. Both dogs got sick and testing showed fatal illnesses. Since both were quite elderly, they decided putting them to sleep was the most humane option. So . . . my housemates are sad.

Anyway . . . I guess I better get busy . . . I have much to do before the end of the summer break . . . only two weeks left . . .


  1. I hope you managed the juggling of the work.

    • I’m still alive, LOL!!

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