Posted by: Marie | December 23, 2010

(472) The eleventh-and-a-half hour

Post #472
[Private journal entry written 8pm on Wednesday, July 14, 2010]

So . . . my performance for the local Rotary Club is scheduled for tomorrow noon. I have one piece – four minutes worth of music – prepared, which is the piece I performed at my student recital in May. I have 30 minutes worth of stage time to fill. It is now almost bedtime.

Photo by Martin Chen

Can you see the problem?

One of my “secrets” I try to keep everyone from noticing is that I am the queen of procrastination. I get lots and lots of stuff done, but I’m always doing it in the eleventh hour. Always. Well, except the stuff that excites me in any given moment. When I am excited about something, I tend to do it non-stop, to the exclusion of what I should be doing.

I try to keep this fact a secret, but anyone who has depended upon me to keep a commitment related to some project knows all too well that I procrastinate terribly. Wait . . . actually, I do it well, I guess . . . I procrastinate badly all too well.

I’ve had six months to prepare for this performance. I have no excuse.

Thank goodness I have nothing else (except sleep) scheduled for the next 16 hours. I’m going to need every minute. My best bet is to finish composing the one piece I have started and then come up with some kind of a music lesson the Rotary members would enjoy to fill the remaining minutes.

Wish me luck . . . I don’t deserve it, but I need it!


  1. Procrastination and shoulds and what you are interested in in the moment. Much stuff to explore from this post methinks.

    • Hmmmm . . . I actually hadn’t thought about that . . . maybe you are on to something!

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