Posted by: Marie | December 17, 2010

(468) Spotlight: Overcoming Sexual Abuse

Post #468

Spotlight on a Great Blog

I have been perusing many therapy and mental health related blogs over the past few months and have found quite a number that I really like and have added to my blogroll.

Some of those blogs are of exceptional value to me — I feel compelled to call attention to them, as is the case with the blog I’m highlighting in this post. You may ask, “What qualifies as exceptional value?” Well, I value the following:

1) An overall focus on healing and moving forward — that doesn’t necessarily mean there is an absence of negative material; but rather, that it is balanced with solution-oriented insights;

2) Originality — while links to and reuse of enlightening material is good, original content is even better;

3) Relevancy — the majority of the posts are related to therapy and the therapeutic process;

4) Level of activity — the author(s) keeps the material fresh.

So, here is one blog that I feel qualifies as “highly valuable”:

Overcoming Sexual Abuse

I think the “About” page of this online resource and blog describes its purpose very well:

Overcoming Sexual Abuse began as a mother & daughter team, Christina Enevoldsen & Bethany Ruck, survivors of childhood sexual abuse. When we looked for an online support group for ourselves, our search turned up two types of groups: The first type was extremely supportive and nurturing, but lacked any belief or commitment to actually getting better. It was merely a place to share struggles, yet without hope of finding a way out. The second type was very uplifting and encouraging, yet gave the impression that healing was a matter of determination and positive attitude. We knew from our own healing journey that all of those were necessary to heal, but we also knew that without practical answers and tools for recovery there would be no permanent improvement. Since we didn’t find what we were looking for, we started our own group and Overcoming Sexual Abuse was born.

Since then, we’ve added two dedicated facilitators to the OSA team, Patty Hite & Jennifer Stuck. In our first year, we’ve been overwhelmed by the response to Overcoming Sexual Abuse. We were amazed by the number of people, both men and women, who seemed eager for someone to bring up the topic so they could tell their own stories. Some of them had never told anyone of their abuse and others had shared their past, yet were still living with its crippling effects.

Though our journeys are far from over, we’re well on our way to embracing new life. The things we share are the tools we’ve picked up along the way, the truths we’ve found useful. The new life we’ve found is thrilling, exhilarating, sometimes scary, surprising and it’s ours! If you share our history, our sincere hope is that you join us along the healing path.

If you are so inclined, I encourage you to swing by this blog and enjoy!


  1. Thanks Marie. It looks like a wonderful site. I like the books they recomment too – that they include stuff for men (still rare), and stuff on wider issues – Alice Miller on society’s (abusive) attitude to children, stuff on mindfulness and safe relationships.

    • You are most welcome, Evan!

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