Posted by: Marie | November 18, 2010

(447) Post Round-Up: Cars and Lighthouses

Post #447

Post Round-Up

This week, I have discovered a couple of posts in other blogs that brought “ah hah!” moments into my day. I would like to share them with you.

The first one, Car Crash, from the “May We Dance Upon Their Graves” blog, gives a right-on-the-money description of what it is like to try to piece together and make sense of the tiny flashes of sensory memories born of childhood sexual abuse. When I read the post, I was moved by how perfectly she captures that experience.

The second post, Desperate to be Seen: Learning to Shine a Steady Beam, from the “Tiny Buddha” blog, touches on a subject I’m currently addressing in my therapeutic journey, which is encouraging the belief healthy relationships will inevitably be more and more a part of my life. Here is a passage I greatly appreciate:

“I am realizing that there is great power in being authentic—that there is strength in truth. As I honor my personal truth without stressing about getting or being more, I’m naturally more confident and more successful.

“I want to be a steady beam, to know that there is safety in my own truth—that my presence can provide a place for others to be authentic and secure in whom they are.”

I invite you to hop over to these blogs and check out these (and other) posts. I trust you will find inspiration for your own healing.


  1. Hi Marie;

    Susan S @

    landed in the hospital. Her kidneys shut down from the drugs. If you’d like to call her she’d appreciate it.

    drop a note in my comment box & I’ll email you the hosp. ph. number.

    • Thank you for letting us know! I’m sure she appreciates your support!

      – Marie

  2. Thanks for the compliment, Marie. I’m proud of that post too.

    • You’re very welcome!

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