Posted by: Marie | October 28, 2010

(432) Reverse that, would ‘ya?

Post #432
[Private journal entry written on Saturday, April 24, 2010]

I got another phone call this morning from the Portland Hispanic dude.

His boss has ordered him back to Portland to deal with some major issues with one of the restaurants there. He will be leaving in a couple of days. So, he can’t take piano lessons from me . . . at least not now.

Photo by Martin Chen

He made me an offer . . . he would be willing to let me keep half of the money he gave me if I would give him half back. He feels bad he has to ask for it back, but he is hoping I will be satisfied with keeping only half.

I told him I would gladly give all of it back . . . that was the fair thing to do since I hadn’t earned any of it yet.

To show his gratitude, he invited me over to the Thai restaurant for a meal “on the house”. I stopped by there for today’s lunch. He personally took my order (I followed his recommendation of red curry chicken), prepared the food, served me . . . and then joined me with his own plate of food. It was a very fabulous meal! What a treat!

So . . that’s the end of that. At least for now.


I found out today the home to which my little foster kitty was supposed to go is no longer an option. So, I guess he will be with me a while longer until we find some other placement. My housemate has a couple of open houses for her business coming up in the next few weeks. She said she could advertise there.

I don’t mind . . . he is such a lover and a cuddler. But, we are still working on boundaries (no, you cannot chew the papers in my filing boxes; no, you cannot chew up my checkbook; no, you cannot climb the wall via the framed pictures). I have discovered my water misting bottle works quite well for enforcing boundaries – he hates being sprayed!

He keeps escaping into the shared part of the house (to which he is not invited because of all the other animals) every time I go in and out of my suite of rooms. I have been enticing him back in with bits of food and by dragging around a piece of rope that used to belong to my other cat. He is so surprised when I trick him into coming back into the room and when I shut the door behind him! Ha! LOL

He gets even with me, though. He faithfully wakes me up at 4am every morning by launching off of my head and/or shoulders (gaining traction with his very sharp claws) to leap 4 feet (1.3 meters) into the windowsill above my bed. Then, as soon I get back to sleep, he jumps down from the window and lands squarely on my head, or on my rib cage, which knocks the wind out of me. This happens several times each morning, well before the sun comes up.

I can assure you, that will be changing soon . . . as soon as I figure out how to rig the spray bottle to automatically spray him as soon as the first thought of leaping enters his brain . . .


  1. A whimsical and delicious end to an odd little adventure. I have to say that many of my favorite (and easiest!) clients have been Hispanic, usually first-generation citizens … it’s like they have a completely different sense of interpersonal courtesy. It’s not just that they’re first-generation; most first-generation Russians, for example, are hell to deal with (a typical conversation would go like this: “I want to pay $100K for house.” “But it’s listed for $200k.” “I know. I want to pay $100K for house.”) but there’s something about the Mexican/Central-South American cultures that’s just … really pleasant.

    On another note, you’re lucky to have a cat who responds to water as a deterrent. Mine don’t care. About anything. Ever.

    • Hey, David –

      I hear what you are saying about the Hispanic culture . . . when I go to my friend’s house for a dinner or a party (which occur at her home often), I am always welcomed with open arms despite the fact I can follow only about half the conversations.

      And . . about your cats . . . you do have strange cats . . . but what personalities!

      – Marie

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