Posted by: Marie | October 25, 2010

(429) Their day in court – Part 4 of 4

Post #429
[Private journal entry written on Wednesday, April 21, 2010 – continued from previous post]

After lunch, we all returned to the courtroom. The next witness was George’s brother.

I’ll call him Jack . . . and Jack had quite a story to tell . . .

George and Jack had been separated from each other as toddlers. They were adopted by different families and did not stay in touch as kids.

His Life by Martin Chen

When they were around 16 years old, they managed to get in contact with each other. They started building a relationship as brothers.

When they were around 18, they moved in together. Then, as they got older, they went their separate ways but they stayed in close contact. Jack would sometimes travel with George as George drove his truck on cross-country trips.

About three or four years ago, the brothers were such on a trip. George told Jack he wanted to stop by an adult novelty store that was just down the road from the truck stop.

At this point in his testimony, Jack started having trouble speaking. His voice started shaking and breaking. He leaned forward in his chair until his face was almost totally hidden by the witness stand’s half-wall. Then he further hid his face by burying it in his hands.

After an admonition from the judge, he attempted to sit more upright. But, the shame dripping from every pore in his body made that a difficult task.

When he did finally continue with his testimony, he was in tears.

He was sorry to say he agreed to go to the novelty store with George. He admitted George didn’t have to push him to go; he went willingly.

George purchased three sex toys – Jack couldn’t remember if they were vibrators or dildos, but they were something along those lines.

When they got back to the truck, George explained the reason behind buying three toys – he had gotten one for each of the women in his life. He said the biggest one was for Darla . . . she liked big toys. He said the medium sized one was for Lexi . . . she was not “broken in” much yet so she needed a bit smaller toy. He said the smallest one – the thinnest one – was for Kari . . . she was still pretty much a virgin and he didn’t want to hurt her too much . . . but, he needed to start “opening her up” so she would be ready for him to fuck someday soon.

George went on to tell Jack he especially loved the “young ones”, the little ones; that he especially loved to be the one to “open them up” for the first time.

I looked over at George as Jack was talking. His facial expression was sharp and calculating – his eyes were ice-cold. No shame, no compassion . . . just stone cold deadness.

The prosecutor asked Jack if giving this testimony was going to forever destroy the relationship that had existed between the two brothers. Answer: Of course.

How important was it to you to have this relationship with your brother? Answer: He is my only sibling. We didn’t get to be together growing up; we were trying to make up for lost time. That’s all gone now.

The defense attorney stepped up to take her turn with Jack. She asked for clarification on when this trip and the shopping excursion occurred. Answer: About three or four years ago.

Did you tell anyone about this particular conversation between you and George? Answer: Not then. I didn’t tell anyone at that time.

Then when? Answer: About 16 months ago, after I learned about the criminal charges pending against George. I figured what I knew was probably evidence related to the case and I should probably pass it along to the police.

Why did you wait? If you knew your step-nieces were being molested, why did you wait to tell someone? Answer: I don’t know. I ask myself that same question over and over again. I’m going to have to live with myself for the rest of my life knowing I could have done something to save those girls from that hell – and I didn’t do it. God as my witness, I don’t know why I didn’t tell anyone.

Could it be you didn’t tell anyone because you didn’t believe it was true? Could it be you thought your brother was just bragging or talking smack? Answer: That could have been part of it – but I guess I did mostly believe him. I just didn’t want to think about the possibility it could be true.

Could it be the conversation never occurred? Answer: No, it happened. I swear I’m telling the truth.


And with that, my available time was up. I had to leave.

As I drove back to my little town, I struggled to shift back to the “real world”. It felt like I have been buried deep in some everlasting nightmare for the last three days.

I asked myself if I would be going back for the next day’s testimony. I know the evidence slated for presentation tomorrow will be more clinical in nature. The witnesses will be detectives, social workers, evidence technicians . . . it would be interesting, and educational, to see that side of the story.

But, by the time I arrived at the town limit, I knew the answer . . . no, I would not go back. I don’t feel the need to go back. I don’t need, or want, to hear or see anymore of the evidence.

I don’t need to go back in order to continue finding myself or to continue uncovering my story.

On a side note . . . as I was preparing for bed, I happen to stumble onto some news. The police are reporting the story about Kayleah’s body being found is an untrue rumor apparently started by some school kids. They are asking people to stop spreading the story – they don’t want people to stop looking.

So . . . Kayleah is still out there somewhere.


  1. I hope the consequences of hearing the court stuff wasn’t too traumatic.

    • Hey, Evan –

      Fortunately, I was able to process everything and pull the good stuff from the experience and let the rest go . . . I’m grateful for that!

      – Marie

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