Posted by: Marie | September 30, 2010

(412) The still, small voice speaks up

Post #412
[Private journal entry written on Saturday, April 10, 2010]

This evening, I was putzing around my room while halfway watching/listening to a TV program. When the program ended, and before I got around to switching channels, the nightly local news came on.

I typically don’t watch the news – it just doesn’t interest me much. I’d rather catch headlines via the internet.

Anyway . . . the news came on and the anchors reported the law enforcement in my part of the state were asking for volunteers to help in a search effort for a missing 12-year-old girl, Kayleah Wilson.

I remember reading about her in the paper – two weeks ago, she was walking to a friend’s birthday party and never made it. There have been very few clues uncovered.

The FBI quickly got involved and a specialized search team from the Laura Search and Recovery Center in Texas was in town to coordinate searches by local citizens. The first day of the citizen-based search was today and only 50 people showed up. They need hundreds of people. The news team asked anyone who could to help with the search tomorrow.

Photo by Martin Chen

My first thought was, “I just can’t . . . I have jury duty coming up in a week from now and I have to get a bunch of stuff done tomorrow in preparation for being tied up in jury duty for an indeterminate number of days. I’m working 12-14 hour days and I’m exhausted! I’m still battling with depression and I don’t know if I can get myself out of bed and get things done during the week. I have so much to do to get ready for my piano recital in a few weeks. I just can’t help with the search!”

However, that still, small voice inside of me has been getting stronger and louder by the minute . . .

It just seemed serendipitous to me that this is the piece of news I heard the one time in months I have watched the news. I don’t have plans for tomorrow other than to work on my “to do” list – and I could, if I tried hard enough, find time to get stuff done during this coming week. It would be tough, but it would be do-able.

I thought about her family – I thought about her, especially if she is still alive and praying for someone to come save her.

I remember my own silent pleas to be rescued when I was a child.

The search headquarters is only about a 30-minute drive from my house. I could search for a few hours and come home and still have part of the day to get some things done.

The still, small voice has won.

I have decided I will go.

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