Posted by: Marie | September 8, 2010

(396) Introducing Anna

Post #396
[Private journal entry written on Tuesday, March 16, 2010]

I still haven’t heard anything from Mark. It’s been 12 calendar days, 8 business days. It sure looks like he is blowing me off. Oh, well, whatever – I’m onto bigger and better things anyway. I’m feeling good about the options I have with other therapists.

Mark and I have a session scheduled for two days from now, on the 18th, but I’m going to cancel it. I was thinking it would be good to have a civil ending so we could still get along at the business networking events – and so maybe he could take piano lessons.

But, I’m not going to pay for a session to smooth things over with him. It is clear to me he is not interested in a mutually respectful ending to this thing. If he wants to say anything to me, he can say it to me in a regular conversation – one I’m not paying to have.

I’m starting to not care what happens with this relationship. I’m so done with his drama.

Anyway . . . the last interview with a prospective therapist occurred today . . . with Anna.

She is a tall, stately, energetic woman . . . maybe a tad younger than I . . . . definitely a mover and a shaker in the world . . . whew! When she blew in, it took a few minutes for the energy to settle!

I would say her creative energy is that of a priest (see illustration) . . .

People with the priest creative energy often show these characteristics:

– Have very intense, piercing eyes and delicate (bird-like) or stately/regal physical builds

– Females tend to keep their hair upswept (off their necks and piled high on the crowns of their heads) consistent with their sensual manner

– Spiritually aware and led by the healing power of emotional connection (less evolved priests tend to instead be perpetually angry, deeply wounded on an emotional level and very closed)

– Support others by acknowledging their inner knowing, honoring their emotional truth and empowering their sense of destiny

– Accept others where they are, waking them up to the patterns that have driven their lives, and helping them see the emotional cost for not taking action

– Have many friends, supports the emotional well-being of those friends

– Discuss what they consider to be higher possibilities, believing with education comes action

– Attempt to control the effect that they have on other people by making sure those people are in the right place to hear something before taking action

– Operate in a compassionate and inclusive manner to ground the healing energies in a group, producing a sense of community and connection

We scheduled 30 minutes together . . . since this was my fifth interview, I had a pretty good idea which questions I really needed to ask and which I could skip.

One of the questions I started skipping after about the second interview was the one about using touch as part of therapy. The two times I did ask that question, I was looking at the therapist thinking, “But, I don’t want to touch or be touched by this person.”

'Priest' creative energy

So, I haven’t been asking that question lately. Maybe needing touch with Mark was unique to the enmeshment I experienced with him. Maybe it isn’t necessary with a different therapist. Or, if it ever were necessary, I’m sure it would look and feel much different than it did with Mark. So, I think that question is not worth asking because I don’t know what a “good” answer would sound like.

So . . . back to Anna.

She works almost exclusively with trauma-affected clients . . . mostly trauma related to abuse, mostly sexual abuse, mostly childhood sexual abuse. And she is qualified to supervise other therapists. So, she obviously has the qualifications for dealing with my kind of issues.

She uses EMDR with about 10-15% of her clients . . . so, she is very comfortable using it if it is appropriate, but she is also very comfortable not using it. She has a whole toolbox full of tools available to her.

Her personal beliefs and values are pretty traditional . . . not into new age or new thought, but comfortable with the ideal of working within that framework. Her approach does tend to be more holistic.

Her fee is $100 but she is willing to drop her rate down to $50 to accommodate financial limitations. That means I could meet with her every two or three weeks.

My overall impression of her is she is very professional, very knowledgeable, very skilled and very efficient. I sense she is empathetic and her concern for individual persons is authentic.

I also get the impression she keeps a bit of distance between her own heart and the experiences of her clients . . . she doesn’t let herself get too involved emotionally. Given her client-base, I think that is smart.

But, it also causes her to feel just a bit out-of-reach and a bit distant. So, she would be a good choice, but she is not my top choice.


  1. I wonder which of these therapists you chose Marie…I wouldn’t know which if it was me. I think I have it down to two that are in the running for you – I guess I’ll find out later if I stay tuned. :-)

    • Hey, Ellen –

      What a problem . . . to have to choose from among so many great options!

      – Marie

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