Posted by: Marie | September 1, 2010

(391) Spotlight: Blooming Lotus

Post #391

Spotlight on a Great Blog

I have been perusing many therapy and mental health related blogs over the past few months and have found quite a number that I really like and have added to my blogroll.

Some of those blogs are of exceptional value to me — I feel compelled to call attention to them, as is the case with the blog I’m highlighting in this post. You may ask, “What qualifies as exceptional value?” Well, I value the following:

1) An overall focus on healing and moving forward — that doesn’t necessarily mean there is an absence of negative material; but rather, that it is balanced with solution-oriented insights;

2) Originality — while links to and reuse of enlightening material is good, original content is even better;

3) Relevancy — the majority of the posts are related to therapy and the therapeutic process;

4) Level of activity — the author(s) keeps the material fresh.

So, here is one blog that I feel qualifies as “highly valuable”:

Blooming Lotus

Here is what the author writes about herself and her blog:

“My name is Faith Allen. Like the lotus (water lily), my life began in the muck and mire of abuse. Through the healing process, I have found freedom from my past, and I have made it my life’s mission to make lots of lemonade from the lemons that life threw my way.

“Like the lotus, I have found life beyond of the muck and mire of my beginnings. This blog is one way that I seek to bring beauty to the world, just like the lotus brings beauty to the surface of a pond. I want to encourage anyone who has been abused to know that you can find freedom, too. Your life does not have to be about your past — it can be about TODAY!”

If you are so inclined, I encourage you to swing by this blog and enjoy!

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