Posted by: Marie | August 30, 2010

(389) Some serious composing

Post #389
[Private journal entry written on Monday, March 8, 2010]

This morning, at the monthly meeting of our music teachers association, a guest speaker gave a presentation on working with students with special needs. She gave us some great ideas on specialized curriculum, and ideas for flashcards and learning games. I learned so much!

She encouraged the use of more auditory learning and the greater involvement of the parents in the lesson. She recognized that goes against mainstream practice, but she thinks there is benefit in doing so with special needs students as well as traditional students. So . . . I guess my way of doing things aren’t so “out there” after all! Cool!

Photo by Martin Chen

And, I have started composing music. I teach my students how to compose, and I have composed little “practice” pieces, but I’ve never done any serious composing. So, I have started a piece I would like to play at my student recital scheduled in early May (at my studio for my students only) and at the Rotary performance in July.

The piece is actually turning out very well . . . I am very pleased at how effortlessly (relatively so) composing seems to be for me. So, I guess that means I can compose! Who knew!

I’m toying with the idea of composing all my music for the July Rotary performance. We shall see . . . I know I at least want to do my own arrangements, but I’m thinking I would actually like to play all original compositions. We’ll see.

Anyway . . . switching topics . . .

I put together a list of questions I can use in my interviewing of the therapists. I can use some or all of them . . . or, I can modify them on the fly as I see fit.

Interview questions

Do you have a good feel for what I am hoping to accomplish in therapy? If so, please explain it back to me.

Much of the trauma from which I am healing is sexual in nature – and the impact it has had on me is not very “pretty” – how comfortable are dealing with that?

What is your experience with helping people process trauma? What methods do you use?

What is your stance on the use of non-sexual touch in your therapy?

What are your religious and/or spiritual beliefs? What role do those play in your therapy?

I believe I am what is sometimes labeled a “sensitive” . . . what used to be called a “psychic”. What is your gut reaction to that statement?

I have been designing my own healing path and process for the last two years. What happens if your process does not mesh well with the path I want to follow?

I’ve been told I’m a very challenging client – that I’m defensive, controlling, non-compliant and combative – and that most therapists would not be willing to tolerate my behavior. If you found that to be the case with me, how would you handle it?

Tell me a bit about your most challenging client . . . how did you handle the situation?

Tell me about a time when, in your role as a therapist, you messed up royally – how did you make it right with your client?

What method do you use to help us know when my therapy with you is finished?

How do you keep track of key information (like marital status, if my parents are alive, how many siblings I have, etc.)? How do you keep it fresh in your mind?

What is your stance on the use of drugs as part of therapy? Do you use any alternative methods?

Do you have your own therapist and/or mentor? How often do you meet with him or her? What is the nature of the relationship?

I document and discuss what happens in therapy in my journal entries – and, I publish my journal entries on my blog. However, I do take steps to hide my identity and the identity of my therapist. Would you be okay with that?

What uniquely qualifies you to handle my case?

What are your rates? Is it okay if I come only as often as I can afford ($20/week)?

I am a prolific writer. It is common for me to produce as many as 20 typed pages of journal entries in a month. That potentially means a lot of reading for you – maybe more than is reasonable. Would you rather I do my best to filter, or send you everything and let you filter? Or, would that much filtering and reading result in an extra fee?

After spending some time with me, are you wanting to work with me or are you feeling leery about the potential difficulties?

What questions do you have for me?


  1. Are you going to post some of your compositions (when you are happy with them)? I’d like to hear some.

    • Well, Evan . . . you are in luck! Yes, I will be! Thanks for asking!

      – Marie

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