Posted by: Marie | August 26, 2010

(387) A hairy bundle of joy

Post #387
[Private journal entry written on Saturday, March 6, 2010]

I’ve sure been on an emotional rollercoaster during these last few days.

I am terrified with the idea of changing therapists . . . I am really struggling to hold onto the hope I can do better with a different therapist. Maybe the third time (third therapist) is the charm . . .

I’m so angry with Mark. Sometimes I’m ambivalent, then sometimes I’m so very angry. Today, I’m very angry.

He holds a position of trust . . . and he is using it in a harmful manner. I know he doesn’t intend to do that, but he is doing that. He has no business being a therapist until he gets he own head screwed on straight!

I’m also grieving because I’m watching the disintegration of a relationship that has been a huge part of my life during the last two-plus years. Mark was standing next to me during some of the most pivotal moments of my life. Now, that relationship is disappearing through my fingers. It is ripping my heart out.

Today, I’m in a pretty low spot. I just want to stay under the covers and cry.

However, staying under the covers to cry has been put on hold for a while because a bundle of delight has shown up in my world . . .

One of the little kittens (the solid gray one) rescued by my housemate has come back to stay with us for a while. The kitten was adopted by our neighbor; but, the arrangement didn’t work out. So, a couple we know is going to adopt him.

However, the couple is out of town for the next month and the kitten needs a place to stay for that month. That is why he is here.

When he was only a few weeks old, he was able to stay in a box or in one of the kennels. But, now, he is seven months old and climbs and plays and chews . . . he can’t stay with our three cats nor can he really handle staying with our three dogs . . . and my housemate Erik is very allergic to cats . . . I’m only moderately allergic to cats . . .

So . . . the kitten is going to stay with me in my room.

What a personality! He has the loudest purr-box . . . when I walk into the room, he starts purring so loud I can hear him from clear across the room. He is all about the lovin’ . . . he cuddles and rubs and licks . . . oh, my!

He is going to be a longhaired cat . . . his coat takes on a glowing silver halo in the daylight. His tail has already filled in and it is the most beautiful sweeping, glistening display of hair. If the hair on his body follows suit (and it looks like it will), he is going to be one gorgeous cat!

Oh, and . . . he climbs like a raccoon . . . he is quite large and strong for no older than he is (and even though he was the runt of the litter and we didn’t know if he would live) . . . he loves climbing my bookcases and shelves. He has already cleared the knick-knack stuff off of the tops of two bookcases. I have had to put everything fragile into my storage cupboards.

He wakes me up at 4am for food. And, in the middle of the night, he has been pulling books off the higher shelves and dropping them onto the ground. So . . I’m not sure how much sleep I’m going to get, LOL!

I learned early on I must hide the toilet paper. It took him all of two minutes to totally destroy the full roll I had on the roller the day he moved in! Oh, and, he loves to chew the rims of my water bottles. So . . . my toilet paper and my water bottles must remain in the cupboards, as well.

I’m sure I’ll appreciate having him around once we get a system figured out, LOL – he is just so darn CUTE!


  1. Sounds like he’ll be great to have around.

    • No kidding . . what a cutie!

  2. With a title like a hairy bundle of joy, I had to come right over to read Marie. Glad I did…So much cuteness on one page!

    • I’m glad you came over, too, Ellen!

  3. Well, 2 fighter…

    • Hmmmm . . . huh?

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