Posted by: Marie | July 27, 2010

(365) A recital in the forecast

Post #365
[Private journal entry written on Monday, February 22, 2010]

I have been looking forward to having enough piano students to justify a recital for just my students. I have had a few students perform in the music teachers association’s recitals, but I haven’t been able to hold my own private recital.

Well, I now have 18 students – enough to justify a recital of my own! After much negotiation with all the parents of my piano students, I have gotten a date set: Sunday, May 2nd at 3pm.

The adult students have declined to participate, but the other 14 students have committed to participating. If each student has the spotlight for three minutes, that would create a 45-minute program . . . which would be perfect! Since most of them are beginner or intermediate level, they would only need three minutes each to take the stage, introduce themselves and their pieces, play their pieces, receive the applause and sit down.

The Blooming by Martin Chen

My studio landlord said I could do the recital at the studio location – she said I could hold the recital in the huge open space adjacent to the area I use for my studio. That open space can accommodate 50-70 audience seats plus a nice stage area. I think that will be plenty of space!

The print shop is not open on weekends, so a weekend recital won’t interfere with her business. I can set everything up on Saturday and I can have everything back in place by the time they open on Monday morning. And, the landlord said she wouldn’t charge me any extra rent as long as I cleaned up after myself.

I’m SO excited!!

I have invited my mom (she lives 30 minutes away) and my brother and his partner (they live 45 minutes away). And, I invited my housemates. And, I invited some friends from my school district job.

I’m quite sure my mom will come, and probably her best friend will come also.

I doubt my brother and his partner will come . . . they can’t be bothered to be part of important stuff going on in my life. But, oh well, I invited them anyway . . . they might shock me and actually show up.

I thought it would be fun to invite Mark and his wife . . . I mean, he has played a significant role in my healing journey . . . and, if it weren’t for my healing journey, I would have never reconnected with music and I would have never been in this joyful place of having a studio and an upcoming recital. However, I know he feels it is necessary to maintain a strict professional boundary between us . . . I’m not sure if he would feel comfortable coming to the recital. So, I initiated an email conversation about it:

Hi, Mark –

I don’t know if it is of interest to you or if your industry’s practice guidelines allow it . . . but, I’m planning a recital for all my students at my studio on Sunday, May 2nd at 3pm that I would love for you and your wife to attend . . . I at least wanted to invite you, either way.

– Marie


Marie –

Thank you for the invite. As a local business owner and long time supporter of learning, I believe I can support you and your business without compromise. I am not sure if we will be in town that week – we usually take our vacation the first or second week in May – but, if I am in town, I will look forward to attending.

Thanks again,


Hi, Mark –

Well, cool! I’ll touch base with you about it when we get closer . . . thank you for your thoughtfulness!

– Marie


  1. Congratulations. And I hope all the details weren’t too much of a hassle and that things went smoothly on the day.

    • Hey, Evan –

      Thank you for the well wishes!

      – Marie

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