Posted by: Marie | July 26, 2010

(364) She’s one cool chick

Post #364
[Private journal entry written on Saturday, February 20, 2010]

I messed up big time.

Two weeks ago, I asked my best friend, Melodie, to look over my script for Mark. She did . . and she provided really great – and very truthful – feedback.

When she wrote it, she was concerned that I might get upset with her for saying what she said.

The Mountain View by Martin Chen

I didn’t get upset at all. I know that what she said is very true and needed to be said. I’m grateful that she said it to me. In my mind, I composed a response to that effect . . . but, I got busy and I never actually sat down, wrote it out and emailed it to her.

A couple of days ago, she called and left a message on my voicemail: “Hey, I haven’t heard from you for a while. I just hope you aren’t mad at me for what I wrote. Call when you have time.”

Oh, shit.

When I got the message, it was too late to call (she goes to bed earlier than I do). So I immediately sent off an email to let her know what had happened and to make sure she knew I was grateful for her input – and to apologize profusely.

I called her today . . .

She laughed it off . . . said it was easy to forgive me . . . no big deal.

Still . . . I messed up and I feel bad.

Anyway, we talked some about Mark . . . she really doesn’t like him and she has strong feelings about the fact I’m back in therapy with him. However, she said that she knows that I know what is best for me and she will honor and support my choice. But . . . if I ever need her to kick his butt for me . . . LOL.

I love her. She’s one cool chick.

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