Posted by: Marie | June 17, 2010

(337) A lull in the storm

Post #337
[Private journal entry written on Tuesday, January 26, 2010]

Have I mentioned lately that I love my new piano studio? It has really become a sanctuary for me.

The print shop employee who was trying to talk to me about religion has backed off. Thank goodness. We have had several conversations since then and I think we are going to be okay.

I now have 14 students – there is no way I could have handled that many students at the house. Renting this space was a very smart business decision. Good for me!

Every night I am going to bed very tired – a good tired. I’m sleeping hard.

Now that we aren’t fighting over use of the piano and the common space, I’m getting along with my housemates again. We are back to having fun – being friends.

The end.


  1. 14 students – that’s great, congratulations.

    • Thanks, Evan!

  2. Marie –
    That is wonderful – good for you!


    • Thanks, OLJ!

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