Posted by: Marie | June 9, 2010

(331) Spotlight: Erin Merryn’s Blog

Post #331

Spotlight on a Great Blog

So, I’m doing something a little different for this “spotlight on a great blog”. One of the blogs I have in my blogroll is Erin Merryn’s Blog. She is very active in changing the world for the better for those who have experienced abuse or who may be at risk for experiencing it. She is a force to be reckoned with!

She is campaigning to appear on Oprah’s show concerning this subject . . . she needs as many votes as possible so she can get voted in as one of the selected guests. I ask that you go to Oprah’s site and vote to show your support!

Erin’s audition for Oprah’s show

Thank you!


  1. Have you read her books? If you haven’t I recommend you do before you continue to promote her.

    My husband and I have.

    Wishing you peace and healing,

    • Hi, Kelly –

      I poked around on your blog a bit . . . it sounds like you, as a couple, have done some really cool work!

      I did notice that Erin has some trouble telling a congruent story . . . but, I think that has more to do with her age, the pressure of being in the spotlight, the pressure of trying to heal and grow-up in the public eye.

      I’d prefer to put the information out there and let each person decide for himself what has value and what does not. Does that make sense?

      Thanks for stopping by!

      – Marie

  2. I do agree people should read her books and visit her site then decide for themselves.

    And I’m glad you read her books before deciding to support her. I think a lot of people don’t.


  3. Her first book is made up of Journal entries from when she was very young. This is what I wanted to get out of the book – the story from the point of view of a child. It is definitely a great read for anyone interested in the subject.

    • Thank you, Brian, for sharing some more info . . . Erin seems very passionate about sharing her journey as a way to contribute to the world . . . more power to her!

      – Marie

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