Posted by: Marie | April 14, 2010

(291) Spotlight: The Rapacious Creditor

Post #291

Spotlight on a Great Blog

I have been perusing many therapy and mental health related blogs over the past few months and have found quite a number that I really like and have added to my blogroll.

Some of those blogs are of exceptional value to me — I feel compelled to call attention to them, as is the case with the blog I’m highlighting in this post. You may ask, “What qualifies as exceptional value?” Well, I value the following:

1) An overall focus on healing and moving forward — that doesn’t necessarily mean there is an absence of negative material; but rather, that it is balanced with solution-oriented insights;

2) Originality — while links to and reuse of enlightening material is good, original content is even better;

3) Relevancy — the majority of the posts are related to therapy and the therapeutic process;

4) Level of activity — the author(s) keeps the material fresh.

So, here is one blog that I feel qualifies as “highly valuable”:

The Rapacious Creditor

The author of this blog is named Findon, and the blog is a documentation of his life in sobriety. Here is how he describes the blog:

Sobriety Date 13.04.1988 Male 49 years old Married to a truly wonderful Lady. Live in Sheffield, the Steel City. We have one dog and one cat. Follow Rotherham United FC.

I like the no-nonsense approach of his writing. He displays a simple, joyful spirit — he seems to be grateful just to be alive. If you are so inclined, I encourage you to swing by his blog and enjoy!


  1. Love your quote everything comes to him who waits -if he works while he waits!!!! SO true!
    Lindsey Petersen

    • Hi, Lindsey –

      Thank you for stopping by! I checked out your blog . . . wow, what a bunch you have! When do have time to write?? LOL I enjoyed your writing!

      – Marie

  2. Hi Marie! I’m stopping by to say hi, and really liked the quote at the bottom of this post! That really hit home with me tonight. It goes along with something else I’m learning, that to make something work, we have to work it. :) All part of the process…

    Anyways, I hope things are well with you, and I’m now going to pop over to your recommended blog.

    Thanks Marie,

    • Hey, Carla –

      Thanks for stopping by and for showing appreciation for the quote . . . I try to select quotes that mean something to me.

      – Marie

  3. Oh, and I also hope that you were feeling better the next day (regarding your most recent post). I hope you let us know what happened? It’s a great cliffhanger story… :)

    • Hey, Carla –

      I’m glad your hanging onto the cliffhanger, LOL! The story continues in the next post . . .

      – Marie

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