Posted by: Marie | April 13, 2010

(290) My own field of dreams

Post #290
[Private journal entry written on Sunday, December 20, 2009]

Well, guess what! Yesterday, I vacuumed up the dog hair in the common space for the last time and taught my last piano lesson at the house.

The next piano lesson I teach will be in eight days from today at the new studio.

It’s gonna be awesome.

All my books and teaching material are packed and ready to be moved to the studio.

I have new business cards.

Flower by Martin Chen

I have a new website – the main pages are finished and published. I can fill in the supplemental pages as I have time over the next couple of months.

I currently have eight students. And, I have five new students scheduled to start lessons during the first week of January. These new students just showed up out of nowhere – if I didn’t have the studio, I would have not been able to take them on as students – there is no way I could have taught them at the house.

The revenue from these new students will more than cover the cost of the studio rent.

I’m thinking of the movie, “Field of Dreams” and the quote: “Build it and they will come . . . . ”

Maybe the studio is my field of dreams.

Anyway . . . I leave for Florida in the morning. I’m doing laundry and packing right now.

My body and mind are starting to unwind already. Mentally, I’ve already started my vacation.

Today, my friend, Doctor D, submitted a comment in response to one of my posts. His words really hit home for me. Here is what he wrote:

“If the purpose of religion is to cause calm and peace then faith is often a farce in the lives of many. Human life is full of suffering, much of it we blame rightly or wrongly on God. Even if a belief system does cause “elated calm”, I’m not sure that is enough to make it true. Art and music can cause the same mental state and don’t demand obedience.

“I believe the purpose of true religion is to purify our souls so that we can be one with God. This doesn’t always mean we will be happy. The redemption of the soul is a painful process. The Bible teaches that the purification of our souls cost the death of God’s own son. In this I can see that all human suffering is the same pain that God took on Himself. While faith can bring peace it can also bring suffering for a time. The purpose of religion (at least the Christian religion) is not to make us happy–It is to show us that God loves us.

“Marie have you ever read “The Grand Inquisitor” by Fyodor Dostoevsky? It is perhaps the best study in this question of God and suffering I have ever read. It is actually a chapter out of the novel “Brothers Karamazov” but it is often published alone as a very short paperback. It is the best think Dostoevsky wrote in my opinion.”

I’m not a Christian, but I still found value in what he wrote, especially the sentence, “I believe the purpose of true religion is to purify our souls so that we can be one with God.” I can get onboard with that.

And, I ordered the novel, “Brothers Karamazov” – it sounds like a worthwhile read!


  1. Hope the vacation was great and the students and teaching business are going well.

    As to Christianity – there are various schools within it. Doc D belongs to one. The problem with this one is that suffering is not differentiated. Some people suffer due to the stupidity of themselves and others. It can also see suffering as superior to joy (Eg. God enduring suffering for the joy set before him, is quite different to all human suffering is the same pain god took on himself. I have problems with the “all” too.) I don’t mean that my school has less problems than Doc D’s.

    Looking forward to hearing how the vacation was and how your business progresses.

    • Hey, Evan –

      I can see how your school differs from Doc D’s school . . . I’m guessing we are drawn to whichever school of Christianity or religion or spirituality makes the most sense to us . . .

      I’m guessing that “the truth” about it all is much bigger than our human brains can comprehend . . . and that we are all “right” in our own way.

      Thank you for your input!

      – Marie

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