Posted by: Marie | April 6, 2010

(285) You can lay the blame on me

Post #285
[Private journal entry written on Monday, December 14, 2009 – 8pm]

I heard from Mrs. Claus again. Sally finally agreed to pay them. So, Mrs. Claus was scrambling to pull together a program. You see, normally their performance is geared for children. Sally is asking them to perform for adults.

On the Hike by Martin Chen

Mrs. Claus and I threw around some ideas . . . and I got really bold and asked if they could come up with enough material to fill the entire 30 minutes so that I could bow out. I know what amount they are getting paid . . . and it is enough to justify them filling the entire 30 minutes.

Well, Mrs. Claus pointed out that Sally was really wanting some carols . . . either as a piano solo or a sing-a-long . . .

I responded that I literally have no more time to pull anything together. It would take us at least another 24 hours to get a program ironed out, and I have 13-hour workdays scheduled for the next two days. I literally have no more time to prepare.

I made it very clear that, at this point, I really don’t care what Sally wants. As long as I know there will be a quality program that will last 30 minutes, I have no qualms about walking away. Sally’s lack of planning is not my problem to solve.

So, Mrs. Claus asked if she could have about 15 minutes to talk it over with her husband . . . she would call me right back.

I waited . . . and (glory be!) she called right back and said they could fill the entire 30 minutes.

So, I am off the hook. I don’t have to represent my business to the community leaders with a half-baked performance. I am so relieved.

I called Sally’s voicemail and left a message explaining what we had decided to do. I made it clear that Mr. and Mrs. Claus had taken over the entire program at my request . . . that she should not hold them responsible for that decision.

I am totally at peace with my decision. Now, there won’t be a train wreck. (See, that was a joke! I’m in a joking mood again!)


  1. Whew!!! What a relief it must have been (unless there is another twist coming)

    • LOL . . . No more twists, Evan. It was a relief!

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