Posted by: Marie | April 5, 2010

(284) I can’t even crack a joke

Post #284
[Private journal entry written on Monday, December 14, 2009 – 11am]

It is Monday morning. The Rotary performance is this Thursday noon.

After a few rounds of phone tag, I finally got to talk with Mrs. Claus this morning.

Flower by Martin Chen

There is a problem. Sally doesn’t want to pay Mrs. and Santa Claus for their performance, she wants them to do it as a service to the community. However, this is their post-retirement seasonal job . . . they do it for pay. They don’t work for free.

I am willing to perform for free because this is my community and it provides a marketing opportunity for my business.

The Claus’ don’t live in this community and they aren’t willing to work for free.

It looks like I will be doing the full 30-minute program.

This is not good. Not at all. 72 hours left. Not good. I can’t even crack a joke about the impending train wreck – I’m beyond cracking jokes.

I guess I’ll use my new digital keyboard so I can do the two showier pieces. Then, I’ll fill in with some storytelling and a bit of humor and a sing-a-long. Yup, I guess that is the plan. I hope it doesn’t stink too badly for having been pulled out of my ass.

Good news . . . one of my female friends is willing to transport my keyboard to and from the community center in her Jeep. Maybe the studio’s landlord will let me practice over there during the next few days so I can get used to the feel of the keyboard.

More good news . . . I got everything sorted and packed, ready to go to the new studio. In one week from now, I’ll be on a plane, headed to sunny, warm Florida. I’ve just gotta stay functional and out from under my covers. I’ve just gotta survive the next seven days.


  1. This Christmas story has all the elements of high farce. And like all farces isn’t funny to those in the middle of it.

    Sally sounds like quite a piece of work – and almost entirely incapable of clear negotiation.

    You’ll certainly have earned the holiday!

  2. Hey, Evan . . .

    Amen. LOL

    – Marie

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