Posted by: Marie | April 2, 2010

(283) Just in the nick of time

Post #283
[Private journal entry written on Sunday, December 13, 2009]

Well, it is about time!

I finally got a voicemail from Sally . . . Mr. and Mrs. Claus finally called her this afternoon. Sally left me their phone number so I could coordinate our performance with them.

Whew! Now I know I don’t have to carry the full 30-minute performance . . . I’m not sure how many minutes I will have to fill, but I know it is less than 30 minutes.

It’s a good thing . . . the performance is in four days from now. Four frickin’ days to get things pulled together.

The bad news is . . . the last significant opportunity I had to practice was this weekend (yesterday and this morning). I now only have little 10-20 minutes slots here and there in my schedule over the next few days. I guess I’m gonna have to pull this one out of my ass.

I did touch base with Mrs. Claus this afternoon . . . but she was on her way out the door and couldn’t talk . . . we will try to get together via phone this evening.

It will be a relief to finally speak with her and get this mess cleared up!


  1. This is quite a story.

    PS. I got four other posts in my RSS – from one to two years earlier than this one. Don’t know if this was intentional or just a glitch.

    • Thanks, Evan, for the “heads up” . . . I have been making some updates in the formats of older posts . . . the editing kicked off re-publication of the old posts.

      I’m done making changes now; so, you shouldn’t be seeing anymore of them!

      – Marie

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